04 October 2005


completed embryo
actual theory
entire portion
fried ice
vigorous lethargy
luxurious squalor
leading follower
bargain gem
scientific art
tender butcher
comfortable coffin
deafening silence


RuKsaK said...

Funny how 'fried rice' and 'entire portion' become just as menacing as the others in the list of collocations.

Also, why does 'tender butcher' sound so much more macabre than 'butcher'?

Good stuff.

Grace said...

I could show you some scientific art, art as opposed to scientific images. And fried ice sounds wonderful somehow!

RuKsaK said...

Wow - I read that as 'fried rice' - what a fool - 'fried ice' is excellently cruel in many ways though.

Perfect Virgo said...

Ruk - I realised you had read what you expected to see! All these do adjectives work grammatically with their nouns but you'd almost never find them side by side in any text. Butchery is not consistent with tenderness so I think it sounds like the perpetrator is taking a grim enjoyment.

Grace - scientific art is another great example. Show me! Fried ice is boiling water... but it sounds sizzlingly attractive!

transience said...

i love the juxtaposition of unlikeliness-es fascinating. it throws your perception of most things askew.

Perfect Virgo said...

Trans - jarring was the idea. To shake me from my normally conventional, comfortable thoughts and confront things. Someone pointed out that a 'comfortable coffin' could be appropriate as a happy release. But I would still choose pain rather than death I think...

finnegan said...

Oxymoronic existence is part of our 21st century inheritance.

Here is a sampling of some "awfully good" ones:

Airline food
Anxious patient
Approximately equal
Bad health
Bad sex
Boneless ribs
Business ethics
Butt head
Civil war
Classic rock
Crash landing
Death benefits
Detailed summary
Family vacation
Freezer burn (from fried ice?)
Front end
Fuzzy logic
Heavy gas
Honest crook
Lean pork
Liquid gas
Mercy killing
Near miss (it's a near hit)
Pure evil
Reagan's memoirs
Resident alien
Sure bet
Sweet sorrow
Tough love
Vibrating ringtone
War games

Perfect Virgo said...

Finn - thank you for those devilish good ones. I particularly like "mercy killing."

Trudging said...

One of the greatest gifts of soberiety is (for me) being able to deal with life's contradictions.

Pincushion said...

Smooth life...anyone?!!

Loved the 'fried ice' bit! really tricky..amazing how the brains gets scrambled..or unscrambled depending how u look at it!

Perfect Virgo said...

Trudging - 12 years on and I am still having a hard time rebuilding self-esteem. Sobriety seems to bring gloom and forces me to ponder the contradictions. Wish I could simply laugh at them.

Pincushion - welcome. The brain is an amazing piece of architecture. Here we are able to think about seemingly contradictory expressions yet are virtually able to make some artistic sense of them.