26 December 2004

Curse of the Virgo

You were born knowing all the right answers,
It’s a blessing as well as a curse.
You set such very high standards
For others as well as yourself.

When you find something worth doing,
You do it for all you are worth.
Always insist on perfection
And criticise anything less.

Others skim over the surface,
They can’t see as deeply as you.
Take ages to make a decision,
And judge every book by its cover.

You are a shy private person,
Share secrets with one that you love.
If their secret is real you will keep it
And take it with you to the grave.

Make lists that turn into catalogues,
Let your hobbies become your obsessions.
Take everything fully to heart and
Hold grudges for ever and ever.

Keep strict alphabetical order,
Draw only very straight lines.
If it glitters it may still need cleaning,
Turn neatness into an art-form.

Laugh when life makes you feel happy,
Cry if you feel sad inside.
Stay romantic, emotional and passionate,
Don’t just make good friends, fall in love...

25 December 2004

Virgo Character Assassination

Here is some gratuitous information about me. I am a virgo and I can tick every virgo trait in the book...
Antiseptically clean
Insufferably neat and tidy
Organised to an unsettling degree
Surgically precise
Stickler for accuracy
Unerringly punctual
Always right
Photographic memory
Obsessed by minor detail
Do things to excess
All or nothing, no half measures
Highly addictive
Research things endlessly
Hyper-critical of everyone and everything
Most critical of myself
Intolerant of others’ failings
Harbour a grudge forever
Almost impossible to get to know properly
Astoundingly loyal
Capable of extreme tenderness
Highly demanding
Judge a book by its cover
Often cautious
Worried and anxious
Incurably sentimental and romantic
Deeply nostalgic
Wear my heart on my sleeve
Low self-esteem
Compulsive collector
Compiler of comprehensive catalogues
Creature of habit