26 December 2004

Curse of the Virgo

You were born knowing all the right answers,
It’s a blessing as well as a curse.
You set such very high standards
For others as well as yourself.

When you find something worth doing,
You do it for all you are worth.
Always insist on perfection
And criticise anything less.

Others skim over the surface,
They can’t see as deeply as you.
Take ages to make a decision,
And judge every book by its cover.

You are a shy private person,
Share secrets with one that you love.
If their secret is real you will keep it
And take it with you to the grave.

Make lists that turn into catalogues,
Let your hobbies become your obsessions.
Take everything fully to heart and
Hold grudges for ever and ever.

Keep strict alphabetical order,
Draw only very straight lines.
If it glitters it may still need cleaning,
Turn neatness into an art-form.

Laugh when life makes you feel happy,
Cry if you feel sad inside.
Stay romantic, emotional and passionate,
Don’t just make good friends, fall in love...


Marjory said...

Rock On !

I see no curse, I feel a blessing.

just sayin' said...

You speak for Virgos the world over. Does any ever appreciate us, the stainless steel backbones of the universe?

Perfect Virgo said...

Welcome Morgan, that was very nicely put. Who else if not us would support the weight of the world's untidiness? Only the rarest of individuals truly appreciate our predicament

just sayin' said...

I love Scorpion passion and envy Libran balance but apparantly decided this lifetime was my Virgo shot. Hope I do a good job. LOL

Perfect Virgo said...

You've obviously read my poem about a scorpio I knew. Scorpion passion is legendary. My dad's a Libran and I can't tell him anything. I just don't think he'd get it.

On balance I'm glad to be a Virgo. Hang on though, perhaps I should draw up a list of pros and cons. No wait, make that a catalogue. Then I could index it and... It's tough being a Virgo!

GEL said...

Oh yes!
(Although I'm an artist and draw all types of lines, on a metaphorical level, I often only draw straight lines...) I also do not "judge a book by its cover" but that may be due to environmental and my upbringing.
This post of yours sure strikes home with me, but I wouldn't title it the "curse" unless ...uh, were you feeling overwhelmed at the time you wrote this? I can see both sides as you say: a blessing and a curse. We are MUCH too hard on ourselves.

Perfect Virgo said...

Silvermoon - yes, completely overwhelmed and trying to make sense of why I felt so different from others. So you are not quick to judge like me but that perhaps is more from nurture than nature?

I set myself impossibly high standards and expect others to achieve the same ones. So I am doomed to disappointment. Delighted that you relate to the self-critical theme - I was beginning to think I had got it wrong!!