23 June 2008

running at fifty

You will look like this if you run too far, too fast, too often, too soon but when did I ever take good advice or embrace moderation? A couple of months ago I told myself I was starting off gently to build up but I set a pretty steep curve and allowed only one rest day a week.

At first I was stopping to walk during my 1.7 mile run, gasping for breath and my heart pounding. I would reach the finish with the watch stopping at just on twenty minutes and I would take another twenty to recover normal breathing and heart rate. Now, six weeks later, I can do that run in thirteen minutes ten seconds.

The “Map My Run” website, linked to Google Earth, lets you plot and measure routes and record times. I have five regular runs, the longest being five miles. Each time I run, I lower my best time by a few more seconds and am learning to pace myself on the longer outings.

Running as though I was still twenty-seven has been tough but the benefits are that my stamina has improved dramatically and my recovery time is now quite short. Oh, and I have lost twelve pounds in weight.

5 miles: 43 mins
3.2 miles: 28 mins 58 secs
2.6 miles: 22 mins 08 secs
1.7 miles: 13 mins 10 secs
1 mile: 7 mins 30 secs