24 December 2005

Buick City Complex is one year old

It seems to have become customary to announce your birthday, well B-C-C is one year old. This ought to be a time to assess progress, take stock and discuss the fundamental wisdom I have drawn from the year but the truth is I just feel very tired. The year has sapped my energy. Twelve months ago clouds were again gathering in an azure sky.

This year, as with most, a roller coaster was being winched high ready for release to the mercy of gravity. One difference was that I chose to record the ride in words and pictures, verse and prose but hopefully with sincerity.

All that kinetic energy blown in four seasons of screaming ups and hellish downs. A large proportion of the "sound and fury" generated may ultimately have "signified nothing" but I chose to give it inches here. Throughout those ups and downs I have been blessed with a band of contributors from all four corners of the globe who have written profound comments that have helped me accept that I can't change everything. I had no idea people would climb aboard and grip the rails tightly beside me.

At times the winds of change subsided enough to allow periods of calm, consolidation and reflection. Inexorably though, the wheel turned and the future began to arrive bringing with it more uncertainties and paralyzing decisions. Months passed with alarming speed and whole episodes have mercifully faded to a blur. I found inspiration by reading the blogs of others and getting involved with their own trials and tribulations. A community was born.

There are steep steps yet for me to climb, heavy matters to ponder and who knows maybe even some enjoyment to be had in the fullness of time. Until recently I had even suspected this may be a final post and that I would barely have the stamina to fall across the finishing line. But I realise this was only the first lap and the race goes on.

Some early readers have disappeared from the radar, others continue to appear regularly and a few I set my watch by! The newest of all can stagger me with a perception and insight beyond years and experience.

We talk about booze here a lot because some of us need to. A few write about it exclusively, others write to escape from it, while I try to follow the middle ground and give it the respect it demands. You don't have to drink but it helps if you once did or you plan to stop or you are simply curious about why people start and stop. Thank you all for reading, for commenting and for your friendship. I wish you happiness and peace in 2006.

PS: Thanks to the "Old 97s" for the unofficial loan of their song title.

"They're tearing the Buick City Complex down
I think we're the only people left in town.
Where you gonna move, where you gonna move,
Do you wanna mess around?"



Happy Birthday BBC and Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine.
I see you bro and I miss talking with you.

Perfect Virgo said...

Heck that was quick JJ, my "enter" button was still only boucing back up! I miss talking too. Hope you and the girls have a great Christmas.

dAAve said...

Merry Christmas PV.
Happy 1 year blog birthday PV.
Have a GREAT 2006 PV.

RuKsaK said...

Merry Birthday and Happy Christmas - I thought you'd been doing this more than a year - guess that just shows you're a dab hand at it.

Great pics by the way.

Perfect Virgo said...

HP - cheers Dave. 2006 will be a momentous year I feel sure.

Ruk - yes barely a toddler. And not as dab as some of the hands I see! Words without pics seem to leave me guessing so glad you liked the illustrations.

Anonymous said...

What great images!

:) I'm so glad that you chose to record the ride this year! And I'm relieved that this will NOT be your final post, but perhaps the end of the beginning.

I love your words, honor your wisdom and am grateful for your support.


Now, i must go watch "It's a wonderful life". Although I find this time of year more painful than peaceful I do love the classics.

V said...

First I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. And also to thank you for your blog which I like reading.

Here's for another year!

finnegan said...

Cheers to Buick City Complex and you P.V.

Berry Mirthday and a Cappy Hhristmas!

Here's raising a non-alcoholic glass of beer to you and yours!

Perfect Virgo said...

Jane – I love matching pictures to thoughts and I’m pleased you saw how these ones fit. The “end of the beginning” sends the reassuring signal that there is much more to come, very nicely put.

I am proud to have you as a reader and like I say each time I tip the motorcycle into a fast tight bend, “lean hard, then lean even harder.”

Lay back and enjoy the film, there is precious little of that depth in this too shallow season. Last week I watched Brief Encounter again, let’s say poignant.

V – thanks for continuing to read all the way from NYC. I plan to continue writing…

Finn – so the Reverend Spooner is alive and well and living in Alpine climes! I’ll chink my glass of Diet Coke on yours.

Patry Francis said...

Glad to hear your one year anniversary finds you ready for another lap around the track. Great pix and words to match.

Happy merry, P.V.!

Grace said...

A very Merry Christmas to you and Mrs V and Happy Blog birthday too! :-) xxxx

sirreene said...

That was perfect V ~ Happy 1st!

Anonymous said...

I like that, "lean hard, then lean even harder".

Let's not get too comfortable here, life is a risk, and arguably one most enjoyed when on the edge.

Perfect Virgo said...

Patry - thank you, I hope to keep going for at least another lap. Hmm that even sounds like a metaphor!

Grace - Merry Christmas to you and your children Grace. Thanks for reading throughout the year. You must be approaching your anniversary soon too.

Sirreene - thank you for your kind words. I know you don't plan to write for a while but no doubt you'll still be a commenter. Hey I'm a bouncing 1 year old now!

Jane - life can seem bland when you step back from the edge. That vertical drop is so seductive, especially when it's only inches away. On the bike I can experience heart-stopping thrills, knowing that only gravity and physics prevent disaster. Yesterday I braked smoothly to a stop on a forest road in the middle of nowhere and killed the motor - it was so quiet I could hear my pulse. An almost equally exciting feeling.

Cocaine Jesus said...

Happy Birthday Buick City. I fondly look forward to another year (and more) of the same bone jarringly (at times) honest, amusing and concise missives.