22 April 2006

Notes to self

Don’t tip-toe through life only to arrive at death's door
Perfection is unattainable
Advice means love, at least listen to it
Climb more mountains
Shut down the PC and think
Live in colour not B&W
Modification is easier than change
Don’t reply by return, hyper-sensitivity means you need 24 hours to absorb and assess
Whisper, don’t shout
Smile like you mean it
The sea is full of fish
Open your eyes
Words can be weapons
Empty vessels make most sound
Spending and saving are equally valid
A motorcycle throttle works both ways
Others have feelings too
Offer help
Analysis of magic spoils it
Reconsider every single one of your views
You have only ever criticised yourself


boulies said...

Notes to self and food for all of us to absorb. I read your wise notes early this morning and now again. Your exquisite photo goes perfectly with your words. Life is like a merry-go-round and if I only pause once in a while to follow your wise words of advice, even if they were meant only for yourself at the time it was written, I could go forward in a more light footed fashion. Thank you my dear Virgo. I can see you've been collecting much wisdom on your travels. Thanks for sharing!

Queen Neetee said...

First off, I must say that the picture is marvelous! I adore merry-go-rounds. I have to tell you that I took my first ride four years ago. It was everything that I had wanted it to be. Of course the merry-go-round of life is a bit different, and the thoughts that you've posted are very wise.

Your writings are never without merit. I hope many people read this post and take it to heart as I have.

Thank you again perfect bro virgo, you always make the wait worth it. Glad to see that you're feeling better.

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

When you ride the carousel of Life, please also make a "note to yourself" that there are lovely benefits from turning off that marvelous, sage brain of yours.

This WitShe Woman hopes you can allow yourself the blissful abandon of a child immersed and whisked away in the carousel world, not at all thinking of "the merry-go-round of life. The child is hoping the music and ride never stops.

Adults who ride are spun back into the comfort and glee of that time. We have a few restored carousels near me, but any carousel holds that power and blissful freedom.

I hope that you can sometimes release analyis and criticism to blow away in the wind like bubbles on their way to catch those colourful rainbows.

P.S. Many brass rings are still there for you to catch, polish, admire, savor, or let free again. P.P.S.You are invited to ride with me or me and my children any time n reality or metaphorically.

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

oops that's me signed in under my other blog name where I posted a photo/combo "different" post I invite you to look at, on your own timetable. It's called "people", if it's not the current one when you have time to check it out.

P.S. I want to photograph the ocean but I haven't figure out how to move that body of water closer to me!

**SilvermOOn** aka GEL


Perfection is unattainable....DAMN..just joking.

The sea is full of fish...I'm still waiting for my fish.

I see you,
PS: I really like them all.

Perfect Virgo said...

Boulies - thank you for coming back. I read you yesterday but could not find the right words so forgive me if I delay a little.

I bet you have similar but different thoughts and I would like to hear them one day. Today I just felt the need to convert mine from thoughts to words.

Neetee - I liked the picture too. I took it a few weeks back without knowing why. I just thought it was a rare-ish sight and might be useful.

The ride is gentle and heart-warming but I didn't actually ride this one I just watched. Thanks for reading and seeing.

Green-eyed-lady - your wise words are spoken like a magic spell and I take your advice as a true gift.

I love the analogy you draw of a child abandoned in innocence to the harmony and soothing of music. Somehow analysis and criticism seem needless when an adult rides the carousel.

PS: brass rings, Mmmm.
PPS: that is an offer I take up unreservedly.

To your alter ego SilvermOOn I offer these words - the mOOn tugs gently on the oceans and brings tides to our shores. At night by the light of a silvery moon the sea can seem very close.

JJ - as my fellow Virgo you know all to well about perfection I am, sure! When the tide brings you a new fish examine it closely for imperfections and toss it back in. Happy fishing... and thanks for reading.

transience said...

how lovely. sometimes i want to make the world stop turning for a while. just so i can get off and have a breather.

just sayin' said...


dAAve said...

that's some nasty stuff to contemplate.
But it's all good.

Cocaine Jesus said...

so many truths so many wisdoms. so many things that me, being me, will never do.

sirreene said...

The world has always been black and white. Just ask Woody. Lovely photo. Just imagine what it would look like in color.

Trudging said...

Good stuff!!

Perfect Virgo said...

Transience - a good way of looking at it. Did you notice how I chose to shoot the merry-go-round when it was stationary and passengerless?

Just Sayin' - *scream!*

Daave - almost as tough as looking in the mirror...

CJ - I nearly called this "Instructions to self" but thought better of it. This way I won't feel guilty if I miss a couple.

Sirreene - as a nearly Virgo you see black and white too maybe. Someone once reminded me there is a place for shades of gray, perhaps I should learn to accept gray before launching into full technicolour!

Trudging - good bad stuff! Thank you.

finnegan said...

"Notes to self" will go on my fridge in order to be seen when my hunger gets the best of me, (both literally and figuratively).

Your list is a whole other magical kettle of fish. I will attempt to fry them in an empty vessel before they spoil.

More synchronicity with us, mate. My latest post has a "vessel" at its core.

But your inverted mohawk is really spooky. What are the odds of that oddity?

Queen Neetee said...

Hello little brother. I'm here to tell you that "Benjamin" has arrived.

doughgirl said...

This changing of life and how we live it is so unbearably brutal at times.

To be stuck in ones own head unable to reach the swith to shut it off.
Fingertips just long enough to hit the tip of the switch yet just short enough to not have anything to grasp onto, and so we sit. We sit and the heads runs.

It runs so fast that it makes us sick inside and that's when the colors start to blur and black and white arrive.

See its so hard to live in color when all we know is the black and wite of reality. Learning to let go is the hardest thing.

Whispering what you want to say is a great way to find out exactly who is listening...I am.

As I stand under the giant microscope I have always viewed myself through, I cannot identify that feeling of self criticism.

paralell again....

Perfect Virgo said...

Finn - I love how my words twist and turn like eels in your hands. You serve them back up deep-fried and tasty. I have fridge magnets, now all I need is a magnetic fridge!

Neetee - thanks for the heads up, I'm there.

DG - I knew you were here listening in silence all along. Just when I needed to hear an ancient voice you spoke. When you ride that giant Honda of yours wring its neck and hammer it along tight fast lanes. Remember the hedges blurring to green? I do.

When you write it's like you the girl are freed of all constraints and the words flow like blacktop under gripping rubber. Your description of the elusive on/off switch is very true. Unable to reach we sit and wait amid the brutal agony.

Patry Francis said...

That first line really hit me. I tiptoe way too much.

Thanks, PV.

Perfect Virgo said...

Patry - me too. Whatever age we reach perhaps it is not too late to change course.