17 September 2006

Ageless Love

dismantle my life
with precision
and love

wrap up my previous me
bequeath my treasures
before I go

it’s time to live fast
i am an outlaw now
tearing across the divide

arctic delta blues called
from a whisper to a scream
now I am inside you

i am leaving everything
behind for you
i am your pillar

ageless love
tomorrow when I am old
care for me

hold my hand
say my name
fuck forever


Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

Love to all...

Benjamin said...

Hiya. There's sort of little to go on here, like with so many of these journal things, like mine. But I really like that you understand 'Fuck Forever' (though the T-shirt doesn't get it).

And, I don't know, your poem makes me think of old stories about the need to run away before truly realising the value of home. Be well and keep having fun x

Patry Francis said...

Great poem...and very intriguing.

Perfect Virgo said...

Angel Feathers - love is: being able to say to someone "i will love you until the cows come home."

Benjamin - hi mate! Deliberate obfuscation here but the "running away" is for good this time. I have a ticket for Babyshambles at Southampton Guildhall so i will soon get the chance to compare how Pete matches up to Carl's new incarnation. Thanks for staying in touch.

Patry - thank you. Fundamental moves are afoot. I climbed a water tower and painted a name, the response was immediate and positive.

Plus Ultra said...

A lovely poem and the rest of the blog is very interesting, I love the photos

Cocaine Jesus said...

the cows coming home is NOT an act of love but beastiallity.


good to see you back young man and kicking up some dust with a fantastic poem.

"hope i die before i get old"
the who
"i don't want to live forever"

gulnaz said...

hey good to see you back!
wonderful poem!

Perfect Virgo said...

Plus Ultra - thank you for reading and looking.

CJ - those milkers will be way down in the lower field for years and years! Good "Who" quote in particular (did you spot Robbie Williams corruption of it - "I hope i'm old before i die.")

Gulnaz - the fine art of disappearance used to confuse me.

RuKsaK said...

That was actually gorgeous - love recited with a flick-knife in your pocket.

If that makes sense? It does to me anyway.

Queen Neetee said...

So, now it has happened that the inner truth has demanded one to grow up.

Fear belongs to a child who knows not beyond desire. A grownup's fear is the knowing what must be faced.

Hooray! No fear here. The story of the future has been changed and embraced!

Perfect Virgo said...

Ruk - it makes sense to me to. Especially the agonising cut of the flick-knife.

Neetee - yes my friend, "knowing what must be faced" is easier holding the hand of your lover.

Grace said...

I know I havent been round for a while but I had to log in and tell you thats fucking brilliant! Hope you are well, will email soon. Had a bad year mate :-)

gulnaz said...

you still not back....just wanted to tell you again that i loved the last verse