14 November 2006

Packing a life in boxes

... in a material sense, all I ever wanted fits into a dozen small tea chests. But reduce life to its core value and all I ever needed is just a long-haul flight away. Possessions are what define us so I will ship my boxes and enjoy opening them under a different sky.


RuKsaK said...

it's a ritual I've been undertaking every 2 or 3 years for almost a decade now. there's a lot of good and bad in it, but I keep doing it.

which sky you going to be under may I ask?

Jane said...

Under a Canadian sky!

Oooh He posts! It's exciting to start anew. I know, I am traveling a parallel path :)


You couldn't be more right about the material possessions. Right now I am slimming down those things. Trying really hard to live the simple life. It's not working very well but I am trying.
Still seeing you,

Perfect Virgo said...

Ruk - this is my first move for 15 years. I almost put down roots this time! (Oh I see Jane answered your question!)

Jane - a parallel path indeed! Leading back to square one with a clean slate and the most awesome feeling in the world.

JJ - streamlining is actualy rather therapeutic. As i de-clutter my cupboards my mind empties too. Keep trying JJ.