07 September 2007


I need more strength. “Hand me down a strong panacea, one that’s guaranteed to make me feel like Hercules.”

Summer’s furnace roars and cranks. High blue sky towers above. The Island’s rock station crunches from the stereo. Let’s roll down the windows and cruise. Hay bales, cows, potholes and ancient Buicks slide by in a hazy panorama.

In the heat of the night nothing moves, not even the air. Sleep is further off than Pluto and the pillow sweats. Old memories return to taunt me. Synaptic connections tease and scold in the witching hour.

Soon I will pass the half-century milestone. Will I feel old? No, just the same – and still wondering how far past halfway I am. One thing is fairly sure – fewer solar orbits remain to me than have already passed.

September dawns are cool. A crispness hints at the big freeze to come. Time is running out. Soon we must batten down the hatches and hunker through the long white months. But before then we will journey to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The tent, stove and air mattress are all tested. The itinerary is planned. Un-noticed by most, a certain 50th milestone will slide by somewhere in the swirling blue waters off Bay Saint Lawrence while we are whale watching.

Soon too there is land to be bought, acres of grassy sanctuary in which to sink new roots. An investment into timber and fields. A house to refurbish and hammer into home. Lists of “to do” items stretch to the horizon – that’s far enough into the future for me.


cocaine jesus said...

sounds like a good future to me. enjoy.

Perfect Virgo said...

CJ - lots to organize and plenty to learn. Keep well mate.

fathorse said...

fifty schmifty. Don't you know it's the new 25?

Keep busy.

Tagged you btw. Not sure about this tagging business. Could get addictive...

Perfect Virgo said...

FH - tagged eh! I'll be round to play.

btw I find being 50 is just like being 20 only with thirty years experience!!

JJ said...

Happy Birthday my friend. I think you should come down here and visit me :)

Perfect Virgo said...

JJ - belated happy virgo birthday to you too. The travelling man may just do that!