24 January 2008

a new life - part 5

In the days before he had resigned Francis had prepared for his new life. Making wax impressions of his bank front door key and one of the two keys to the vault was simple. It had been just as easy finding out who held the second key to the vault a week after he had walked out. He had watched the bank from a discreet distance after closing time. A couple of days’ surveillance revealed Tony and Sue were last to leave. Tony had taken over Francis’s key.

Sue was easy game. He followed her home for several nights and soon enough she headed for the supermarket. He swung into the car park behind her. Scatter-brained she flitted from aisle to aisle often leaving her trolley for a few seconds with her handbag in plain view. Sue bent to inspect the bottom shelf and as Francis glided past he plucked her handbag and dropped it into his own trolley. He moved swiftly but calmly to the far end of the store before dipping his hand into Sue’s bag. The heavy bunch of bank keys was at the bottom. He pocketed them and abandoned his trolley.

On his way out he dropped the handbag at the service desk, jumping the queue but leaving no explanation. Sue wouldn’t hurt a fly and in a curiously compassionate way he wanted her to be reunited with her bag. He knew Sue, she would go straight to the desk in a panic but he was guessing it would be morning before she even checked for the key.

He guessed right.


Michelle Dawn said...

Oooh, the plot thickens! And I must say that I like your photoshop efforts. The Bank of Despair indeed :)

Anonymous said...

GASP! He's a crook!

Queen Neetee said...

Thank You for not hurting Sue. Poor little scatter brain.

That Francis is a sly one, he is! All of that discipline stored up in an angry place makes for a very crafty character. He's able to do just about anything, isn't he.

Well, my fingers are placed well over my eyes and ready for the coming action.

This is GOOD!

Perfect Virgo said...

M - glad you spotted the little details of the sign. Watch out for further thickening, even curdling!

FH - he sure is!

Neetee - Oh he's sly all right! Still waters run deep so they say. I am enjoying the freedom character creation gives. In these make believe worlds of ours anything is possible.

cocaine jesus said...

ah ha! the plot thickens and the pot begins to simmer. looking good so far. i like the pace and also the descriptive style. tight wads of information that you don't dress up but deliver with verve.

yep, catch yourself a publisher.

Perfect Virgo said...

CJ - thanks mate. I very much appreciate your thoughts and observations.

boulies said...

That was a bold move on Francis' part. So he has outwardly aggressive tendencies (grabbing the purse) which I didn't expect somehow. I'm with Neetee. I'm glad he didn't effect poor Sue too badly.

I'll be back for more catch-up installments. I'm glad I'm getting there anyway. This is a story well worth investing into. I wouldn't miss it for the world now!

Perfect Virgo said...

Boulies - our man is a deep dark individual who has surprised even me with his ruthlessness.