21 August 2008

conspiracy theories

Loose Change What really happened on 9/11.
Endgame The blueprint for global enslavement.
Zeitgeist The spirit of our age.
The Greatest Story Ever Denied The UFO phenomenon.
Esoteric Agenda Global conspiracy revealed.
Secret Space Extraordinary revelations about space.

I used to be sceptical about anything which I couldn't see or experience myself. That has changed in recent years and I now have an open mind about theories like those expressed in the above documentaries.

The films show how easily false truths can be propagated and the real truth suppressed. An unsuspecting population will believe almost anything it is told and will seldom bother to search for the bigger picture. Various conspiracy theories are put forward here in clear and credible terms by intelligent articulate contributors and there are many areas of overlap.

Each film runs for about two hours so the complete list does require a significant investment of your time. If you can afford that investment it will repay with highly thought-provoking content.

Happy viewing.


Michelle said...

Excellent. Now I see what you spend your time on when I am not around!

Gordie said...

I'm afraid my head is stuck up a different ass at the moment, and will be for a while. I'll bookmark this one and come back to it.

Right now I'm thinking a lot about how people can both think for themselves, and develop other people's ideas. (Standing on the shoulders of giants...)

I like Michelle's new profile pic, but what is that incredibly green stuff? It looks radioactive?

Michelle said...

LOL. It's the land where the glowing, green bunnies live Gordie.

Perfect Virgo said...

Michelle - Yep, I invest countless hours in cramming my head with stuff. Oh, and running!

Gordie - isn't it dark up there? AActusally your area of research is not so very far from mine.