14 January 2009

the answering of prayers

Thank you all for your kind comments. I am relieved to report that Debbie is on a long, slow road to recovery. As a certain very important person said to me, a kind of Divine Providence placed me in England at the very moment when my presence was most needed.

Time and distance from Canada have allowed space for clear thinking. Difficult and painful conversations, crucial to mine and Michelle's future, have taken place amid much soul-searching. I stand at a crossroads now, ready to choose a path. I am happy that I have said all that I can in England, told people how much I love them and made a kind of peace with myself.


fathorse said...

Glad to hear the encouraging news (your email was forwarded to me) - Debbie has never been far from our minds over the holidays. Hope things progress as speedily as possible and she gets her voice back after that tracheotomy! Also hope the decisions you must make are as painless as possible :)

love from fats xx

Perfect Virgo said...

Fats - I'm so pleased you received the email updates. Thanks for all your thoughts and wishes. Debbie has benefited a lot from them.

Decisions have been made and must now be implemented. It will take a while though. :)

{illyria} said...

i read the last three posts, pv, and felt a rollercoaster of emotions as i did so. but mostly i'm relieved that debbie is okay, and that you were there when she fell ill.

it saddens me that you've had to leave loved ones behind. i know it must have taken a lot of courage, too, to make such a painful decision. i do wish this year gives you the peace and clarity you need.

you're in my thoughts. xx.

Perfect Virgo said...

{i} - thank you for your kind and sincere thoughts. Yes, rollercoaster is an accurate description. My path has tilted up and down as I watch life flash by. England no longer feels like home and my heart is elsewhere so the ride is not over yet.

Gordie said...

Sounds like Debbie has been going through major developments. This must have been an extraordinary emotional journey for you too, co-inciding with your return to England. The human heart never ceases to amaze me (not even mine) how it creates closeness, and distance, and connection with the ones we love.

C.J.Duffy said...

Most of the wisdom shared and given by others here I can but echo; the only other bit I can add might be these.

Life is not a play.

One day at a time.