13 July 2009

today in the life

5:00am wake up
5:30am get up
5:45am make toast for me and Maisie
6:00am try to ignore Teletubbies on TV. Drink coffee and read BBC online
7:30am wake Michelle
7:45am one year old R arrives for daycare
8:20am one year old J arrives for daycare
9:00am feed the 3 kids snacks
9:30am nap time for the toddlers
10:00am 35 mile cycle ride via the north shore

12:30pm lunch Pea soup and bread
1:00pm take the kids to the swing park in strollers. I push 2 in a double

2:00pm feed the kids lunch
2:30pm second nap time
4:20pm R's mum arrives to take him home
4:50pm J's mum arrives to take him home
5:00pm start preparing dinner
6:00pm eat dinner
8:00pm Maisie's bedtime
8:30pm watch an episode of some long season on DVD - currently X-Files Series 7
9:30pm Read aloud for 20 mins - currently The Judas Tree by Simon Clark
10:00pm bed

I made a vegetable curry for tonight's dinner:-


C.J.Duffy said...

Should that read Lunch, Pee, eat soup?
You baby sitting? Oh lord, watch out children of Chucky!!!
With all this time on your hands i would have thought that your third novel would be well under way!

Perfect Virgo said...

CJ - with my penchant for Spoonerisms it often comes out as 'Sea Poup!'

The day care is about to draw to a close as MIchelle returns to work but it has been fun(damentally hard!)

I'm going to try and fit writing in between looking after Maisie... hmm.