03 November 2009

Veho Muvi micro dv camcorder

I couldn't obtain this little rascal online in Canada and neither Amazon USA nor its resellers will ship the product outside the USA. I ended up ordering it from Amazon UK for delivery in the UK (as per their rules for electronics). My sister kindly repackaged it and forwarded it to me in Canada. So here it is, the latest in miniature digital video camcorders delivered to my door in a roundabout way!

I took the "Extreme Sports Pack" too, as it seemed to offer a good range of mounts and straps to secure the camera to almost anywhere. First impressions are good. It feels solid and surprisingly weighty for its startlingly small size. I also bought a Class Six Micro SD Card as I hear that the basic cards don't write data as smoothly, resulting in some reported jerkiness on playback. The card is so tiny it would be easily lost or blow away in a light breeze.

The three operating buttons are obvious and seem robust and there is a simple warning light system to indicate what the little devil is up to.

The Extreme Sports Pack duplicates the lanyard, pouch and crocodile clip provided with the main unit. Initially I found the tangle of straps, Velcro and plastic somewhat mystifying as there are no instructions. The thing I thought was a jockstrap is actually an armband and the various clips and Velcro bands are almost impossible to identify from the miniscule illustrations on the back of the box. I investigated online and found names for the parts, or at least descriptions.

The pack is worth having and you can probably cobble the bits together anyway you want to suit your peculiar needs. I plan to use the straps to secure the device to my cycle helmet and the armband to film my runs. The crocodile clip will attach the camera to my lapel or backpack strap for discreet filming in the library or wherever! A very useful item is the swivelling metal bracket which I discover is magnetic so you might temporarily fit the camera somewhere in a room for some candid scenes.

Perhaps I'll clip the camera over my rear view mirror and go for a drive around town now.


Little M said...

Sneaky man. I had no idea!

C.J.Duffy said...

Sounds fantastic. II have been involved with, as you probably know, an arty farty blog site called discharge for a number of years. We recently started producing chapbooks, much like my own Wilful Walks but with a more progressive edge, leftfield feel to it. One of the ideas currently being punted about is to produce a DVD chapbook so this little beauty of yours (sorry not you M!) would be ideal.

Perfect Virgo said...

Little M - a chap's got to have some secrets!

CJ - a video chapbook... now that sounds interesting. I am also wondering if you might film your wilful walks!

C.J.Duffy said...

With only three or four to go I may not bother but I am, once the ten chapbooks of Wilful Walks are completed, about to do, with a friend, a set of walks and chapbooks on London so maybe then!