04 December 2009

changes are afoot

Four addresses in three years. Hmm, not my usual style. This latest move has been partly to flee an Albanian hostel (description of former abode) and partly to acquire much more usable living space, better storage, a nicer building and a quieter, more pedestrian-friendly area.

Mail is already being safely redirected to the new address. I am rebuilding (and enlarging) the stamp collection I sold in the eighties and components have arrived from far flung regions:

Scunthorpe: Two stockbooks comtaining five thousand stamps.
Leicester: 'Stamp Organiser' software.
Romsey: Miniature Sheets, Twopenny Blues
Salisbury: Miniature Sheets
Hornchurch: Miniature Sheets
Amesbury: Miniature Sheets
London, Royal Mail Philately Shop: Stamps, Miniature Sheets

Woodland Hills, California: Small mint stamp collection
Duchesne, Utah: Jeweller's loupe
Owing Mills, Maryland: Penny Black

Barrie, Ontario - Boscastle Stamps: Two Padded leather stockbooks
Farnham, Quebec - Arpin Philately: Tongs, hinges, glassine envelopes
Kingston, Nova Scotia: Penny Reds

Thanks to the Internet you no longer need to be in England to collect British Stamps. This winter I will sit down with tongs, loupe and scrubbed hands and set about a big cataloguing project. My kind of winter!


There is more afoot, my feet have changed shape. I look down and see muscles on my toes, instep and ankle which were never there before. I often complain about tender feet and ankles from running and now I can see why. Rather odd - they don't look like feet I recognise.


C.J.Duffy said...

The stamps will need a moist tongue but those feet will not get any toe sucking done to them this side of heaven!

Hoping you and your family have a great Christmas!

Perfect Virgo said...

No indeed, my feet were made for running and that's about all!

Have a great English Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year!