28 July 2010

young me, now me



I was squeamish about wearing white socks and sandals but in the interests of recreating a photo of me from fifty years ago I reluctantly pulled them on. Please note, the ridiculous facial expression is deliberate!


Ms. Kimba said...

awww how cute!

C.J. Duffy said...

I have to agree with Ms Kimba. Not sure about those socks though and I bet your Mum used to get you to lick a corner of your hankie with which she would then rub around your mouth to remove the signs of chocolate!

Ahhhhhh, those were the days.

Perfect Virgo said...

Ms K - you mean the "now me," right?!

CJ - you know the habits of mums too well!

Patry Francis said...

Haven't changed a bit.

C.J. Duffy said...

PV will have you believe that this is a one off and only for the use of this site; this is not the case. I had the pleasure to meet the man once and he was dressed like this then too and, as far as I know, most men from Hampshire dress in the same fashion so be aware of those baby blue eyes as they hide a deeply disturbed man who is chronically challenged in the dress sense department!

Perfect Virgo said...

Patry - I'd like to think you mean the boyish charm, impish good looks, oh and the ability to carry off a sock/sandal combination!

CJ - you're outing my secrets ol' chap! And the pleasure of our meeting was indisputably all mine.