06 September 2010

iPod nano 16gb

This is my new iPod Nano. For the past five or six years I have used a Creative Zen mp3 player which still serves me well but which is heavy and bulky by today's standards. It's hard to understand how they can make this thing so small, so wafer thin, yet able not only to store music but play films, shoot video clips, record voice memos, act as a calendar, alarm clock and general all-round indispensible gadget. I rather like it.

Since I began running two and a half years ago, I have run without music. This is partly preference because I do like to hear the ambient sounds but partly because my Zen doesn't respond well to the shaking and bouncing of a run as it operates from a traditional hard drive with all the attendant moving, spinning parts.

Apple has announced revised versions of their players and the new Nano will not be much bigger than a postage stamp. One unexpected sneeze and you might never see the device again! This week, before the fifth generation stocks dwindle, I treated myself to the old Nano and a slim neoprene sleeve with a Velcro armband.

Yesterday I ran with my new iPod for the first time and it was a nice experience. I ran sixteen and a half miles which took two hours and forty three minutes - long enough to listen to a playlist containing a one hour podcast on Jack the Ripper, two albums by "The Music" and a half hour BBC Radio programme, "Just a Minute." Time flew by!


Little M said...

My sneaky husband. I had no idea you purchased this for at least 24 hours. I think it was a wise choice and I'm jealous that is has more memory and is looks sexier than mine!

C.J. Duffy said...

I agree with little M, it does look a sexy and cool device. I have never much liked them as they always strike me as being lift/elevator music providers and by that I mean they contain huge amounts of music that I like but I would prefer to listen to in the format that I buy 'em...that is as an album but this new buy of yours is fine and funky.

Perfect Virgo said...

Little M - a chap's got to have some secrets - and jealousy will get you everywhere!

CJ - I agree entirely. I much prefer to listen to the source CD on my hi-fi either out loud or through top notch headphones. However, this little rascal makes it possible to listen on the go and I am finding I like that a lot.

I am currently hunting down interesting podcasts as an alternative to music.

tony jolley said...

Typical - we wind up with the same model and same colour! I'm not quite so anti-iTunes (largely because I was not into Windows Media beforehand, I guess) - in fact we surely have to tip at least the brim of our hat to Jonathan Ive and Steve Jobs for effectively creating a new distribution system with a staggeringly light, thin and function packed handset. No I'm not on commission!

Perfect Virgo said...

Tony - I've had almost every generation of WMP so the iPod's previous incompatibility with it was largely what put me off. They are rather good aren't they!