10 January 2011

then and now

In 1986 someone, I think it was my sister, pointed a camera at me during a family reunion. I remember grabbing my son Mike and holding him upside down by his legs in a show for the camera. Mike squealed and laughed a lot which is why heads turned to watch us. His brother Matt is sitting on his mum's knee smiling. The result was a snap I still enjoy looking at.

Yesterday, nearly a quarter of a century later, I decided to try and recreate that shot with my new daughters. Kathleen is a less willing participant, being one who hangs on for dear life whenever I lift her off the ground. Nonetheless she looks the part and even her sister Maisie is looking toward the camera.


Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

A remarkable double take. Hard to believe that so many years have elapsed between the two events.

Elena said...

The photo comparison is a great idea!! I've been looking at the photos of your lovely family on "Through the Lens" and read your last "Barton Family" post. You and Michelle look like you truly belong together! And Maisie has grown up so much... she's so beautiful, and now a son... Wow! Your post about your visit to England really hits home. My husband, Geoff went though that sadness everytime he left his elderly parents on his trips back to the states. We know that look in the eye of possibly not seeing them again. Your words were truly touching in that post.

A belated congratulations on the birth of your son
and a newer congratulations for your grandson!
It's so sweet to think of your children being baby aunt and uncle! I'll be back and read more...

Perfect Virgo said...

Great to see you again Elena! Actually our second-born was a girl too, Kathleen. She's just over a year old now.

The "then" shot was in the late 1980's and shows my two sons. They are both approaching 30 now!

Elena said...

Oops! I later realized that Kathleen is definitely NOT a son! Anyway, they're beautiful kids! You and Michelle have to be so proud!