05 March 2011

snow and ice in Charlottetown

This is our apartment building, under siege from the toughest winter in quite a few years. The weatherman, "Boomer" Gallant tells us over four feet of snow has fallen. It has been cold and the deep snow has compacted under its own weight bringing down roofs. Schools have been closed several times.

Here are some more photographs of Charlottetown in the grip of winter. Some of the ice formations clinging to roofs and eaves are spectacular.

The streets have been ploughed almost daily, sweeping ever higher banks to the roadside, filling people's gardens and driveways. Miniature ploughs scuttle along the sidewalks resulting in walls of frozen snow separating pedestrians from traffic. Intersections have taken on an unfamiliar look with mounds of ploughed snow blocking views. You have to poke your nose out quite far to see if it's safe to pull away. Car tyres grind against chunks of brown ice clinging like granite barnacles to wheel arches.

I took this snap of the corner of my laptop screen just before hurrying down to the bins in my shorts and T-shirt. It took my breath away!


Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

MINUS 15?!!?

Good lord that is enough to freeze the nuts off a brass monkey. Incredible images though. All of which look wonderful from a distance but the thought of my roof collapsing under the weight of snow would worry the life out of me.
I bet the girls love it though, as would I, to be able to go ut and play in that stuff. Must be great fun but the reality, which children are so blissfully unaware of, is more scary.
MINUS 15!!!


Perfect Virgo said...

CJ - 4 or 5 days of milder temperatures means most of the ice has melted now and there are just nasty brown piles of dirty snow everywhere. Not so much fun.