06 November 2011

the geese

We were invited to a small private gig arranged by Brian Metzger on Saturday night at the Farm Centre on University Avenue. The Geese, a collective of musicians now based in Vancouver, were in the midst of a lengthy Trans-Canada tour promoting their debut album and kindly agreed to play privately for us in Charlottetown in return for donations to our local food bank.

The venue was a meeting room, perhaps three times the size of a large living room, with about fifty seats arranged theatre style. On arrival Michelle made her way to the front row in four strides and plonked down in the centre. Oh well, up close and personal it is then! I wasn’t sure what to expect, having sampled just a couple of clips on YouTube but hey, this is live music and up stepped four men with beards and a girl with goose wings!

Brief introductions over, they launched into their opening track. We were almost indecently close and could easily have tripped over a beard or two but proximity quickly felt natural and we were soon engrossed in an evening of fascinating entertainment from five accomplished songwriters, musicians and singers.

I like to categorise music (well, truthfully that extends to most things) and pigeonhole bands in a specific genre. I have entries in categories from ‘Americana’ to ‘Roots Rock’ via ‘Britpop’ Blues Rock’, ‘Prog Rock’, ‘Hot Rod Revival’ and a smattering of ‘Cowpunk’! It has been gnawing away at me for some time that the Canadian arm of my collection has been shamefully lacking in ‘West Coast Danger Folk’ so during the rather civilised intermission, I put that right and picked up the band's eponymous, self-released debut album.

Stylishly the Geese swapped instruments, slipping effortlessly from guitar to drums to bass and back as they performed their eclectic repertoire. Country-tinged rock gave way to folk and quirky indie rock with each band member quite at ease stepping up to explain the stories behind their songs, laughing at a broken guitar string and inquiring if the sound needed tweaking at all. They seemed like a group of friends we’d invited round for a knees-up yet their professionalism shone through.

In true rock ‘n roll style with much clapping and foot stamping we persuaded them to stay for an encore, the rousing tribute to their former home Province, ‘New Brunswickers’. I even had the chance to thank them in person when I chatted to a couple of the band afterwards, friendly, relaxed people who had put heart and soul into their performance for our small gathering.

Alphabetical order by band is the only valid way to sort a collection but it often throws up curious juxtapositions. The Geese are now nestling on my shelves somewhat uneasily between Gay Dad and Geldof, Bob!


Brian said...

So glad you could be there and really glad you liked their sound(s)! You've captured the evening perfectly, beards and all!

S said...

Michelle has "chutzpah": great to take advantage of being able to be close.

I so enjoy your descriptions. What a treat and glad you didn't feel their music should be "honked" at. (I couldn't resist. I've been in a awful punny stage tonight. Our daughter got the worst of it in email earlier,so bad I don't even dare share that on a blog haha.)- Great photo and "gee" I'm glad you had such an enjoyable evening!

Perfect Virgo said...

Brian - a great evening of folk rock with some rocking folk!

S - glad I was egged on to take a gander at this flock. I'm sure they've heard every yolk in the book!

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

I like the sound of these chaps. A Mumford and Sons genre perhaps. I can see you now bag abd tagging all and sundry. Wait until the next 'little man' arrives with Beefhearts "Doc at the Radar Station" on it or perhaps some Zappa. That'll mess with your PV status!!!!