09 May 2012

a day in the life of

5:00am small girls burst into the bedroom
5:15am make jam sandwiches and drinks for said small girls
5:20am stack away dry dishes
5:30am bowl of cereal
5:45am break up fight between small girls
5:46am threaten to turn off TV
5:47am peace breaks out
6:00am decide it’s too early to use the washer & dryer
7:00am start load of laundry
7:30am switch to dryer
9:00am strip and launder bedding
9:30am bid farewell to small girls and M – departing for playgroup
10:00am vacuum apartment
10:20am wash breakfast dishes
10:30am remake bed
10:45am rip two audio books (20 CDs) to laptop
12:00am settle smallest girl for nap following return from playgroup
12:30pm grocery shopping
2:00pm 10k run (59m 23s)
3:20pm bath
4:00pm bake loaf of bread
5:00pm chop & prepare salad for supper
5:30pm supper
6:00pm baths & hair washes for small girls
6:20pm pyjamas (for small girls of course)
6:30pm Coronation St and supervise play (tricky)
7:00pm bid goodnight to M (sleeping before night shift)
7:30pm brush small girls’ teeth, brush hair
7:35pm read bedtime story
7:45pm read riot act (re staying in bed)
7:50pm lights out
7:51pm stretch out on couch with music
9:00pm DVD/TV
10:30pm bed
10:31pm audio book on iPod
10:32pm fall asleep after 2 sentences of audio book
11:59pm wake to find M has left for nursing night shift


5:00am repeat to fade

1 comment:

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Riotous. It would make a good chapter in a book.