30 September 2012

the missing piece

I knew from early on that there was at least one piece missing; a creamy yellow piece of flesh would have stood out like a sore thumb among a box full of blacks. What the heck, I ploughed on. The only way to solve the black areas was to sort the pieces into shape-types thereby reducing the number of unnecessary 'tries'.

As usual the snowball effect came into play and the final hundred pieces slotted in quickly. I offered Maisie the honour of inserting the final piece which she did although pointed out there was still one more to go! I explained a previous owner had been less than diligent when returning the broken down puzzle to its box; leaving the missing piece probably with the dust bunnies under someone's couch.

Today was my last long run before the marathon on 14th October, twelve miles in two hours exactly. Seventeen Celsius at 6:30am, soft drizzle and one hundred per cent humidity all conspired to make it a tough run. For the next two weeks I'll only be running half a dozen five and six milers to let my muscles heal and rebuild.

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