02 June 2013

Flickr update

Last year I scoured the highways and byways of Charlottetown looking for photo opportunities which would capture the essence of this small city. I uploaded the results to Flickr but halted when I reached the free storage limit. Now that Flickr has increased my allowance to 1TB I have been able to add more to my online catalogue. The pictures are here.


Russell Duffy said...

Such broad streets with wide roads. The size of the place is what strikes me as both wonderful but also so very chilling. I went there once, back in '78. My Canadian cousin is fond of telling me this although the one thing I do remember is staying near Keysville (USA) and catching the ferry across the lake.
Lake? What lake? More like the frigging English Channel. It took an hour to get to the Canadian named, copy of Montpelier. Incredible.

Perfect Virgo said...

Don't forget PEI is but a historic speck off the eastern coast and barely representative. Most things here are small, old-fashioned and endearingly parochial!

I think Canada generally is how Britain could be if it were less crowded, more tolerant, less pseudo-fame obsessed, oh and larger of course!

Trisha B said...

I've always loved that meat shop sign on University Avenue. I hear the meat is great, but I've never been in. I should while I have the chance- so many small private businesses being replaced by Walmart and the like.

Perfect Virgo said...

Trisha - what's even more hilarious than the precarious sign is the fact that I am vegetarian!