02 January 2014

Winter in Charlottetown

A touch chilly this morning for the first day back at school. Maisie didn't mind the cold and I didn't mind the official one hour delayed start. Kathleen couldn't wait to get back from the school run to crack on with Toy Story 3!

CBC Radio has been offering helpful wintry advice: like, keep your cat indoors. But since when did dogs take 'bathroom breaks,' long or short? And you know you're on a small island when they give out on the news that one especially frozen school bus wouldn't start this morning so those kids can expect an additional forty-five minute delay!

Following hot on dad's heels, Maisie has finished her own five hundred piece puzzle. These days she starts unprompted with the edge pieces, and has now learned to sort the remainder, in this case into sky, trees, hills and main subject. Her tenacity and more than a little paternal assistance won the day.
Returning to the seasonal theme, there have been ominous creaking noises from the roof as the thousands of pounds of compacted snow and ice up there slowly succumb to gravity. You can't help but duck and hurry under the overhang!


Russell Duffy said...

Talking to my French Canadian cousin Erick who laughs like a bear (similar size too) when ever I say we have had a touch of frost over here. "It is four feet and growing," he says speaking of the snow in Quebec. "Yeah right," I mutter feeling how lucky I am but reluctantly thinking I wouldn't mind, as my children have, visiting to toboggan.

Perfect Virgo said...

No significant hills here so the kids use snow piles (ours in the parking lot is now fifteen feet high).

Despite it being much less frigid today, at a mere -13c, there is snow and high winds so they declared a 'snow day', which news was greeted with whoops and hollers at Beach Grove Rd!

gel said...


Please bear with me because I'm using the voice dictate and I don't have prowess with it. That means I have no time to add it so hopefully you'll have a little laugh at my dictate mistakes. reading how much snow you have makes me smile because I thought it was really cold here and well let's just say we have well under 4 feet of snow and much warmer temperatures! I particularly enjoyed reading about your daughter doing those jigsaw puzzles. My kids enjoy them, too.

Perfect Virgo said...

Hi Lynne, I'm a big fan of puzzles. I never grew out of them and often pick them up used at the local thrift store (usually a piece missing, drat!)

Lovely and warm today... only minus 7C! I managed to get my sliding doors unfrozen and set to work clearing a ton of snow and ice off the balcony.