13 June 2017

Feeding the birds - selectively.

Small birds, which are the intended beneficiaries of my feeders, have lately been chased away by the ever greedy Blue Jays and Common Grackles. Susan and I discussed alternative options to my readily accessible feeders and she came up with a great suggestion. Now, much to my surprise, here it is as a fantastic early Father's Day gift! The outer cage admits small birds to the feeding tube but excludes large bullies. Already the Jays have been round to investigate and, after examining the globe from top to bottom, I'm happy to say they fly off.

The little grey car just leaving is Susan in her new 2017 Nissan Micra on her way to work!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I did comment here a while ago. The internet must be a hungry "birdy" one. :)
Susan's idea is brilliant! I'm glad you guys can continue to have your bird visitors. Raccoons in our backyard forest ruined our visitors. Between them and the squirrels, I had to give up. (A pole had been recommended by the bird feeder store, but we have no garage to bring it in nightly.)- Gel

Perfect Virgo said...

It's a shame when you try to do something nice and it's thwarted. But nature will always have its own way.