26 November 2007

seven random facts I've learned in sobriety

I was tagged by Fathorse.

1. Your bladder shrinks to the size of a pea in sobriety, perversely resulting in even more night time needs to piss.

2. At night my bed no longer flips slowly end over end, causing me to lean out and lay a hand on the carpet to stabilise the room.

3. Pruning a Juniper tree releases the powerful scent of pure gin.

4. It is not necessary to fall into a deep sleep at 7pm each evening.

5. Hospitals could save money by using Carlsberg Special Brew as a general anaesthetic.

6. I have saved £55,000 in 22 years, since quitting booze on 10 Sep 1993.*

7. You don't need to smoke when you stop drinking. So I saved a further £30,000 since 7 June 1997.*

* as at Oct 2015

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