02 December 2007

a grave matter

The two hundred and seventy five or so small rural cemeteries on Prince Edward Island allow a fascinating and free new approach to my genealogy pursuits. The trouble is I now have some nerve damage where my shutter finger froze to my camera in the sub zero wind.


fathorse said...

ooo creepy. Did you know that Tantrists & Shaivite Ascetics hang out in Graveyards and the Cremation Ground. They don't take photos though. They smear themselves with faeces and have long, elaborate sex-rituals. Menstrual blood is often involved.

Something to think about next time you go.

Perfect Virgo said...

I didn't know that. I am not too sure about the faeces and menstrual blood but the rest sounds good to me! (I fear though that the inclement weather has curtailed my forays.)

Michelle Dawn said...

FH-EEEEWWWWW GROSSSSS!!!! I can't believe you just said that. No I don't believe it. Where the hell do these feral people come from? I think you are full of poop.

PV-I like the graveyard obsession! Next can we start attending anonymous funerals? I think I see my grandmother's name on one of those graves... no wait, she's not dead yet.

fathorse said...

They are Hindu crazees. brilliant to study. But we had to read this feminist piece last year, however, if you like menstruation/birth/menopause in your religion :)

fathorse said...

stupid url:


patch it together. It's an awesome read, if you can stomach the feminism (which I can't)

Perfect Virgo said...

Steph - I see what you mean... Good grief, men are certainly second class citizens there alright. So you can't have a decent relationship with your offspring unless they swam inside your amniotic fluid? A bit extreme!

See you later, I'm back out grave-robbing.

MD - We'll wear black outfits and stand on the periphery looking suitably solemn. If anyone challenges you just sob quietly. They won't press a grief-stricken woman. Hold my hand tightly in caase I make an exhibition of myself by tunbling into the grave after the box!

cocaine jesus said...

i spend most of my free time floating in a limpid pool of scented amnitoic fluid so just point those ladies in my direction.
i will see to them.
hubba hubba.
menstrual blood and feaces?
hmmmm, sounds a bit extreme though.
what if i coat meself in HP sauce and ketchup. would that do?
i quite fancy have a large group of females lick off the stuff!!

this would make a great story for my fekenham swarberry series.

Perfect Virgo said...

CJ - you young scoundrell! I guess if you ask nicely anything's possible...