12 February 2008

a new life - part 8

Francis hurried the two blocks to where his car was parked. The bags pulled on his shoulders and he felt the true weight of his deeds. His muscles burned and the rain slanted into his eyes making them sting. The air was warm and heavy with the rich earthy smell of summer drizzle. He slung the bags on the back seat then bobbed into the front and slumped behind the wheel panting hard.

He stole into the house and found Jane waiting in the kitchen. She was drinking. Her cheeks were flushed.
“Let’s do it then,” she snapped. She picked up a pencil and started tapping a sheet of paper in front of her.
“Not so fast, I need a drink too.” Francis lifted the bottle of Jack Daniels almost to his lips. Then he slowly lowered it back onto the table and whispered, “Get me a drink of water.”

Fifteen minutes later the table was stacked with a large neat cube of cash. Francis sipped his water like Jack Daniels while his wife gulped her spirits like water.
“Right, let’s deal with this stuff,” Francis said in a low voice.


Queen Neetee said...

This is a fabulous installment!

Francis sipped his water like Jack Daniels while his wife gulped her spirits like water. Awesome!

Great stuff my friend!!

cocaine jesus said...

looks like the wife is already showing the signs of stress and nerves from being a part of this scam.
perhaps as this tale unfolds we will see more of this or possibly the husband will have to 'deal' with her?

also i like this comments word verification RqUSS.
HMMMM, shame about the Q!!!

boulies said...

Fantastic attention to the small details. The story is so excellently fleshing out. You're really capturing the raciness needed for the subject. Now I'm all excited to see what's going to happen next.

Thank you for this suspenseful ride!

Perfect Virgo said...

Neetee - you liked it then! Thanks for picking out a favoutite line. (I like that one too, it's a pretty significant one.)

CJ - "deal" with! Hmmm how perceptive. Watch this space.

These verification words are so often appropriate aren't they!

Boulies - I'm a details kind of person! Suspsense mystery and thriller was what I was aiming for so I was glad to read your observation.