19 February 2008

a new life - part 9

Francis dreamed vivdly every night, long and hard and fast.

Together they had carried the haul up to their spare bedroom on that wet summer night, puffing and panting with the effort. Then Jane had ruined everything. He was an angry man now. One minute she was all for disappearing with him. The next she wanted half the money to stop her talking. She had turned on him in an instant and he had been so deep in organizing that he hadn’t seen it coming. They had been “passport-ready.”

The house was almost cleared of furniture. On the floor by their bed was a steep pile of legal letters demanding repayment of their sky-high credit cards. There too was a repossession order for the house. Time had run out and flight was now the only escape.

Beneath their lids, Francis' eyes flicked rapidly left and right. He twitched as scenes rolled on his mind’s silver screen.

Crouched on the carpet they were counting, one for you, one for me.

Jane stowed her share back into one of the canvas bags. There was already a suitcase lying on the bed.
“Leaving tonight are you?” Francis asked dryly.
Jane smirked without answering and flicked the locks on the empty case. She put the whole canvas bag inside and pressed the locks shut. Then she swung the case on top of her wardrobe and lay back on the bed.

“What you doing with yours?” she asked. “... well?”

Francis slid two bundles of banknotes into an inside jacket pocket then slowly and methodically wrapped his pile in strong sheets of black plastic, making two large parcels. He bound them with tape, took them to the spare bedroom, knelt and slid them under the bed. Aware Jane had followed him and was watching he snapped, without getting up, “that’s what I’m doing with mine Jane, OK!"

He heard her grunt and then her footsteps receded in the hall. Reaching back under the bed he withdrew a .44 Magnum then slowly and carefully slid it under his pillow.


Francis rolled over in his sleep and groaned.


fathorse said...

You just can't get the criminal partners anymore, can you?

boulies said...

Ok, I know he's asleep dreaming. But is this a total recall dream? No, don't tell me. I'm asking myself. I'm anxious to see where this goes. Whichever way, it's got my engines revved for the next installment.

Queen Neetee said...

Sorry for the delay of my comment. My time has been gobbled up by the time monster.

Wow! I really like the emotional exchange. I love the way you've written the nonchalance of Jane's change of plans and the blatant flip of Francis' mind. This is juicy with the appearance of human duality and how one's 'word' can change with the weather.

I can't wait to read more.


Perfect Virgo said...

FH - the decent partners are more expensive!

Boulies - you're warm, no wait you're hot, very hot!

Neetee - keep beating that thief of time off with a stick!

At this point we are seeing Francis in full flow before his amnesia. He's quite a schemer and a plotter don't you think!

cocaine jesus said...

Francis is about to do the dirty and if i was Jane I would leave now!