29 April 2009

in my parking bay

2005 Kia Spectra
2 litre
4 cylinder
Not much more you can say about a grey car is there?
(...yep, it's full of Eastern promise - especially as it was made in Korea).


C.J.Duffy said...

I remember, as I am sure will you, when Japanese cars were refered to by some in the UK as Jap crap. Look who is laughing now!

Gordie said...

Are you hinting that you own this car, rather than telling us somebody has stolen your parking space?

Thanks to the miracle of myopia, I thought the license plate said 'Maisie Force'

Perfect Virgo said...

CJ - who's laughing now indeed! The build quality of these cars is high. Mine is 4 years old but there are no rattles or squeaks from the interior. For a small car, it drives smoothly and quietly. (I still miss my Yamaha R1 like crazy though.)

Gordie - Yep it's mine. Funny how we read what we want/expect to see. Our eyes are very good at bringing order to chaos.

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