06 May 2009

on my desk

Dell XPS16
4gb RAM
2.5ghz processor
320gb hard drive
When my Fujitsu broke down beyond economic repair I could have retreated to the safety of offline life... however this rather nice example of modern technology enticed me to stay. Speaking of technology - here's some more.


Little M said...

Actually, it's "on the floor" but yeah, I think that it was a great buy!

Ms. Kimba said...

just a side-note here that has nothing to do with your post, sorry, but yesterday as i was flying home to the USA and I sat in the London airport, not gatwick but the big one...crap...anyways HEATHROW! thats it... i thought of you, michelle and maisie.

The plane flew round and round circling over London waiting for the go ahead to land because we were way to early, i spotted the 'eye' and the tower bridge and HELLO it was Beautiful! and of course the river Thames, but i looked below out the window, wondering where it was that you lived before and which of the streets it was that you walked upon when you took pictures so many years before.

And then i thought of how now you are in Canada with your wife and daughter and how sweet life can be and how ironic that you were already with the one you love and i was leaving the one i love behind in Sweden only to wait 2 months before i see him again..thats life.... and the world truly is a small place to be. In one way or another people's lives always meet but we never really know it.

Perfect Virgo said...

Little M - a trifle pedantic - but true! Sleek and black, what more could I ask for.

Ms K - isn't life curious... I don't expect to be such a frequent flier now but having made 18 Trans-Atlantic flights in the past 7 years I can well understand your thoughts as you circled over London. I also wonder about all those people scurrying about their daily lives below.

It's all the more intriguing when you "know" someone down there. Makes it seem like a "global village." Landmark spotting from the air is interesting. I have flown from Newark before and it's amazing to see the whole of NYC laid out beneath you like a 3D map.

I hope that your visit back to Sweden was all you wanted it to be. Two months will fly by.

C.J.Duffy said...

Sleek and black - just like me then!