07 September 2005

Emotional Scale



Grace said...

Now thats strange, looking at that list visualy, I would swear there are more words above ambivalence than below, yet there are the same. Does that make me an optimist?

Perfect Virgo said...

Grace - yes it does. I deliberately placed ambivalence centrally. I visited both extremes in the same day and for a while could not talk. I don't expect to stay on one level for more than a few minutes, I reckon that makes me a pessimist.

dAAve said...

it really doesn't matter

Melly said...

I can't believe my luck to land on such a post on my first visit to your blog.

It makes so much sense to have ambivalence in the middle. It happened to me today too, maybe not the extremes, but opposites, and all you're left with is exactly that.

Patry Francis said...

It looks like an apartment house with the poor relatives living on the bottom floor.

Take me to the penthouse, please!

transience said...

that grabbed my attention. wow. i find myself becoming more and more ambivalent everyday. so that's more of one extreme.


Penthouse for me too please. I think I would put love in the middle with marriage on top and divorce on bottom.
Then again it's not like I've been in a great mood lately myself.....hmmmmm.......oh well.

Pat said...

Ambivalence is the perfect middle- where anything you feel both ways about meet. I definately see more above the line than below these days....though as you say the changes can be startling.

Very clever post- what gave you the idea?

RuKsaK said...

My days tend to throw left-handed, blinfolded darts at this scale.

Cocaine Jesus said...

that glass is always half full. intelligent list mate. very thought provoking.

sirreene said...

you are missing something...

Perfect Virgo said...

HP - room for optimism and pessimism I guess...

Melly - welcome. Hope your first visit was worth the entrance fee! Wide fluctuations are hard to deal with but both extremes in one day is harrowing. I so seldom sit in the middle that I had to think hard to nail the word "ambivalence."

Patry - straight up the steps Ma'am, your penthouse awaits. Misery in the basement, I hadn't thought of it like that but it's an interesting view...

Trans - witness a killing yet not bat an eyelid. Yes, ambivalence could be an extreme reaction. I don't know if this approach is similar to yours - I make quick judgements about people and completely blank them if they don't arouse my interest. I still maintain that is ambivalence because I will speak if spoken to, I just won't open a conversation.

JJ - you and me too my friend. I like your idea of marriage/divorce with love in the centre. I notice you too are after that penthouse!

Pat - my pessimism tends to pull me below the line but I do experience the higher emotions. I was indulging in my irritating habit of analysis... How do I feel? So I decided to calibrate a scale and work out where I was. At the time of composition I was in despair. Today I have nudged upwards to disappointment.

Ruk - welcome back mate. Hope you enjoyed your trip(s). My endless analysis means I always know the reasons for my mood swings and can predict them easily (some would say influence them.)

CJ - see I always veer towards the half empty view. I know that's a faulty view but it's the one I know - comfort in the familiar. Virgo characters are often criticised as children for their approach and that engenders a sense of rejection. I think it flows into adulthood.

Sirreene - what am I missing? Have I left something off the scale? Or are you guessing there is something I miss? Gosh you are more cryptic than me! :)

finnegan said...

one could equate ambivalence with ineffability, which is about where we all end up.

i've always been good at doing the limbo---now i can actually see why i was able to keep my solar plexus so low to the ground. it was "indifference", "disappointment", "sadness", "grief", "misery" and "despair" that kept me down. each time pleasure entered, my chest would tick the bar and send me to the back of the line.

nowadays i just break the rules and walk right through the whole apparatus.

just sayin' said...


Wednesday, September 07, 2005
No Room for Scaredy Cats, Juju

read this latest post, my friend.

Perfect Virgo said...

Finn - a great rection if you can carry it off. I can't do that just now so I swing up and down the scale.

Morgan - a "no holds barred" post there! The author has given some heartfelt advice to her friend. Advice you only get from a very close friend.

gulnaz said...

so ambivalence is the begining of the end or if you are smart you can crawl your way back up.

just love the way you have organised this list!

RuKsaK said...

Don't tell me you're only posting once a week now - that's as bad as me and brings me down towards the end of this scale.

Perfect Virgo said...

G - I love words so calibrating this scale was good fun. Each word leads down or up to the next, with no opinion at all in the middle.

Ruk - my boiler is running low on steam and I have a hundred pressing things to do so I am taking a leaf from your book and lightening my workload! Once a week is enough at my time of life!!

Everyone - I am glad everyone seems to like this scale. It was born out of a moment of sheer despair as I tried to describe precisely how I was feeling.

doughgirl said...

Excellent post. One of few words that says so much. I expect nothing less each time I come here. You never cease to amaze me my dear friend.

Ahh it seems I have slacked off on my posts as well. Once every 10 days, it scares me you know. Almost like I am leaving out part of the program. Maybe isolation??? Not sure, but I will work it out.

Indifferent - a dangerous word, but one I have found myself leaning on often lately. I know I must steer away from it cus it surely cold mean death for me. it's just everything above and below right now seem slike so much work ya know?

Ill be back for more PV...Miss ya :)

Perfect Virgo said...

DG - lovely to see you back. Yep I've slipped to weekly now but the pace is easier that way. I don't need the self-imposed pressure to produce more often.

Extremes are very hard work I agree DG, I think that's why I try to slump somewhere in the middle. Right at the top is just as hard as at the bottom.

I have several more posts brewing so look out!

Cocaine Jesus said...

hey big fella, where are you? kicking arse i hope and dreaming dreams in rock 'n roll red.

get back in front of that screen and start posting.

Perfect Virgo said...

CJ - you better believe it!