09 November 2005


Okay so you want gadgets? Here is the new setup-

Desktop and Laptop.

Fujitsu Siemens
Scaleo P desktop
3Ghz Pentium 4
200gb hard drive
1gb RAM
DVD-RW dual layer
TV tuner
Samsung 19” TFT
FS Cordless kb/mouse
Freecom 80gb USB hard drive
Creative 4.1 surroundsound
Logitech 4000 pro WebCam
Epson X620 printer/scanner
Canon Ixus 700 camera
Creative Zen Touch 20gb mp3 player

Fujitsu Siemens
Amilo Pro laptop
Pentium M740 1.7Ghz
60g hard drive
512mb RAM
DVD-RW dual layer
15” TFT

Belkin wireless broadband router

I’m already bored and researching a new motorcycle.


sirreene said...

cherry! does that mean I win all the gadgets??? yea! MEMEMMEME! so where are the FUN toys? seriously where are the fun toys cause I didn't see any?

RuKsaK said...

Very, very sweet - which means nought but jealousy ensues from me.

finnegan said...

Sirreene, if you're looking for vibrating happiness you'd best head on over to Transience's site. Or else stay tuned 'cause P.V. looks like he's on the lookout for the sort of rumbling, rubber-burning asphalt scorcher you have in mind.

Sam said...

I'm taking motorcycle riding classes next month. I so want a Kawasaki Concours.

Have fun, Gadget Boy!

Perfect Virgo said...

Sirreene - they are all fun toys! Oh you mean THOSE ones, they're in my bottom left desk drawer...

Ruk - green with envy eh! Me too!

Finn - Sirreene doesn't like m'bikes so I will have to conjour up some other kind of "rumbling, rubber-burning asphalt scorcher!"

Sam - welcome. Ride safely, lessons are a great idea. I learnt on my own 30 years ago then stopped nearly 20 years ago. Came back to it this year, if it's in your blood...


Will you come by and organize my shit?

Perfect Virgo said...

Any time JJ!

Grace said...

WOW....what more can I say? I'll say it again...WOOOOOW :-)

Cocaine Jesus said...

more gadgets than inspector gadgets gadget box.

sirreene come over and play.

Perfect Virgo said...

Grace - wow to you too!

CJ - fraternising in my comments thread? Whatever next!

sirreene said...

PV I'll go for a ride on your bike anytime ;)


I'm waiting some 3,000 miles away. You best wear a bathing suit and be a strong swimmer or just hop on a plane.

dAAve said...

The next "ultimate" would be to fit a small laptop into the bike, un-noticeable to bystanders.

Cocaine Jesus said...

i'm a lowlife dandy. i'll fraternise with almost anyone (even you and finn)

mussolini said...

get the fujitsu siemens pocket LOOX for your motorcycle :) it has integrated GPS functionality. before i begin sounding like a salesman let me say WOW! your desk is too neat.


I still see you!

Perfect Virgo said...

Sirreene - to leap astride the throbbing beast is one helluva neat experience!

JJ - So my choices are to slap on the whale blubber and splash across the Atlantic or board a jet? I'll take the jet I think! Hope you won't have to wait too long...

HP - now that would be great. True mobile computing!

CJ - me and Finn aren't choosy, we'll talk to dandys!!

Mussolini - wow that looks smart! I am such a gadget fiend. My life is one long round of infuriating tidiness. Hang on, I think my desk needs tidying!

JJ - the all-seeing eye, or simply a friendly greeting. Either way I like it...

doughgirl said...

Like that bike there Paul :)

Perfect Virgo said...

DG - the R1 might be a bit of a handful but I'm planning on taking that risk. Got to live.

KC in KY said...

The the gadgets. I have a bike too. I don't really care for rockets I am more of a cruiser kind of girl. Both of my bikes are Hondas. I guess I am to Honda what a lot of bikers are to Harleys. Anyway...Live to ride, ride to live!

Perfect Virgo said...

kc in ky - another biker! Great! I retuned to two wheels this year after a nearly 20 year break and am loving it like the first time. I'm a Yamaha kind of guy and I have the FZ6 but the R1 is in my sights now.

doughgirl said...

Got to live for sure Paul and may I suggest the yellow and black are most stunning and fit best. Also stands out when Drivers arent paying so much attention :)

Perfect Virgo said...

April - you've helped me make my mind up - yellow and black it is. The FZ6 is barely 6 months old so I'll wait til the spring to make the change.

Jen said...

God, you sound like me, with all my computers, webcams, routers, VoIP phones, etc. etc. We are soulmates, friend!!!