13 November 2005

The Subways

An unbelievably young band with the world at their feet. Tonight Portsmouth Pyramids is heaving with eight hundred sweaty youngsters and me as we witnessed a truly electric performance from this fearless new trio.

The act is held together by baby-faced Billy Lunn who plays rock guitar with a punk edge and sings in a raw anxt-ridden yell that belies his young age. Charlotte Cooper's bass is nearly as big as her and a bare-chested drummer goes ape on the skins.

They crash through an extended version of "I Wanna Hear What You've Got to Say" and Billy climbs a PA tower to lead the hand-clapping from a precarious height then slithers down and does the same on the far side of the stage. Cameras pop everywhere and he dashes back centre stage to catch the Gibson SG flung deftly by his guitar tech. Next Is "With You" and hairs stand on the back of my neck to hear the line 'My best days are with you, they are so easy!" (I think I'm sixteen again...)

Keeping up an amazing pace these twenty-year-old rising stars of modern pop-punk run through the whole of their debut album "Young for Eternity" from which several charting singles have been lifted. To close they give us a blistering rendition of "Rock and Roll Queen" during which Billy dives headlong into the crowd and surfs like a rock legend! He emerges minus T-shirt and resumes the stage for the final chorus. No encore, so a frenzied Portsmouth crowd is left breathless and wanting more.

"Another day is here and I am still alive."
The Subways - I Want to Hear what You've Got to Say.


Cocaine Jesus said...

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sirreene said...

Did they smell better than NY Cities? Shall I download a few tunes and check them out...?

Cocaine Jesus said...

Excellent review mate. I feel as though I was there and my ears are still ringing. Never heard of these guys so thanks for the info. I will definatley check 'em out. Are thet gonna be big do yoy think or go the way of The Velvets? Huge after the event.
Whatever, great review.

PS. Sorry about the clumsy attempt at self promotion on the previous comment thing.

Perfect Virgo said...

Sirreene - tey smelt of beer and tobacco and sweat. It was fantastic. Listen to their album "Young for Eternity," if you liked the single the album will not disappoint.

CJ - you can advertise on my blog any time mate! The Subways are superb, I'll send you something to listen to. They could well be big and it was nice to see them in a relatively small venue. Pleased you liked the review I wanted to say I liked 'em but without going overboard.

finnegan said...

Whether or not I'd like the music is somehow beside the point when you write P.V. It's a great point of departure for you to do your own sort of alphabet riffing.

Patry Francis said...

Great review. Almost felt like I was there.

Perfect Virgo said...

Finn - rocking music itself to be written about I find.

Patry - I'm sure i spotted you there?!