20 November 2005


Creamy moonlight casts soft seductive shadows only I can see. The house is in darkness, its hatches battened down. It hides from the daylight world for there lies trust, love and dependence. It has a history, I know that from the additions and repairs. I have loved it for years and we have always enjoyed our secret connection.

I saw it once in summer sunshine, what a breathtaking sight. A glittering palace of perfect lines. I know I could live here and see out my days in happiness. But not everyone admires it like I do, there are those who walk past without a glance and others who haven’t even noticed.

I have visited often and spent many happy hours here. Yet there is so much more I want to discover behind the solid brickwork. Paths I would like to tread in the tangled overgrowth behind. In broad daylight I have knocked softly on the doors and peered through the blue windows to see only reflected sky. But at night this sleeping fortress mellows just a little.

I stride confidently through the gate and press my nose against a wide bay window. For a brief second an image of domestic bliss flashes into view. It burns into my retina, switches to negative then fades. I hurry to the next bay and peer into the gloom within. Shadows move inside telling me someone is home. My presence has caused a reaction.

This house has a soul, of that I am sure. I am determined to find it, after all there is nothing else left for me to do now. I will talk to the occupier. I mean really talk, not just chat over the fence. Some windows offer tantalising glimpses into a beautiful interior. Rooms and halls, shrouded in mystery, await my footfall.

I know there is soft warmth inside for I have been welcomed before. Tonight the walls are strong and the doors locked fast. “Daybreak,” I murmer. “I will come back and see you at daybreak…” Yes, daybreak seems somehow appropriate.


finnegan said...

Somewhere near Hampshire:

Lady Haversham
"Jeeves, just who is that man I see fogging up our bay window?"

"'Madam, 'tis Perverted Virgo of blogsphere notoriety---the same chap on the rather brisk-moving Yamaha whom you were inquiring about the other day".

Lady Haversham"Oh?...well, don't just stand there Jeeves, invite him in for a spot of tea! I shall powder my cheeks and make my entrance shortly."

"As you wish, Madam".

Later, in Zuerich, a man sits half-naked at his computer, rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

"Oh no, I've got to warn Virgo...he has no idea who those people are!

AMOPP = The best mop money can buy.

finnegan said...

Lovely piece, P.V. You are a writer.

Perfect Virgo said...

Finn - a quality comment! 'Perverted Virgo' made me giggle I can tell you. Thanks for the warning too, that will teach me not to be so darned inquisitive...

sirreene said...

A house can be a HOME. Seems like you found yours.

transience said...

this house has a soul.

how many times do i pass by such houses and think that? the windows are eyes. and you know that inside them are stories waiting to be told.

that was beautiful, pv.

Patry Francis said...

This is mesmerizing. Now I want to know the secret of the house, too. Please continue!

And to finn, if he stops back for tea: love your little piece of dialogue. It's pure finnegan.

Perfect Virgo said...

Sirreene - yes there is a world of difference between house and home. Finding is one thing, acquiring another but I'm negotiating!

Trans - windows as eyes is so right and the house having a soul is percipient. Several human qualities in evidence here.

Patry - yes the house has a secret and IS a secret. I want to know more too so I will explore this theme.

Cocaine Jesus said...

a woman with powdered cheeks eh?
that finn is the real pervert.

great piece of writing here PV.
because we have seen a house like this and can relate to it and to your beautifully detailed description.

like patry i wanna know more.

to be continued?

Jen said...

This one really resonates with me. I often think the places I live become alive with my aura...I share a special bond with my living spaces. It's often hard to leave...I shed tears...I think about all the memories within its walls, I think about how I grew as a person there, I think about how I will miss a certain way the light hits the walls. I wonder what kind of lives and memories will fill the house next after I leave it.

superflywebpimp said...

i stopped by and pressed my nose against the large bay window, but you were sleeping my friend, and i didn't want to wake you. i hope you don't mind, but i plucked a small white gardenia from your garden and placed it in my coat lapel. on my way back down the cobbled walk i picked up a faint aroma of brewing coffee. i paused and thought to myself with a smile, "he's going to miss this sunrise, i'll have to tell him about it."

just sayin' said...

This was very nice and made me miss the South which of course does not have communities as old as in Europe but still old enough.

Perfect Virgo said...

CJ - yes I could continue with this theme. Thought it made a gentle change from my recent anguish!

Jen - oh, how that chimes with me. I get ridiculously attached to inanimate objects but houses are a special case. We live our lives in them so their walls soak up our emotions. They become an extension of our own selves.

Superfly - touching my old friend. How considerate of you to walk past so softly. Take all the blooms you can carry, they are yours to pick.

Morgan - a house develops character over time. The experiences of its inhabitants bleed into its fabric.

PV ~ suppose this house were a dear friend...

Cocaine Jesus said...

anguish tanguish. we've all been there mate in one shape or another. good to see a positive note creeping in and right next door to that excellent review too!

Perfect Virgo said...

CJ - yes I'm in danger of getting optimistic!!

Cocaine Jesus said...

steady now. optimistic? that means no more listening to morrisey or radiohead. better think again!!!

mussolini said...

this is a beautiful post, PV. just beautiful.


Why does that home look familiar?
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........I see you bro.

GEL said...

Agonizingly stunning and haunting metaphors... through the
of cyclone love

Perfect Virgo said...

SilvermOOn - it always comes back to the eyes. The eyes.