17 August 2005

The search

an emotional sceptic
raised on guilt and shame
he was given nothing
but breath and a name

drinking back the anger
swimming against the tide
to keep alive the notion
of self-taught love and pride

a code of holy pressure
stunted nature’s growth
blind belief in heaven
ignores the hell on earth

life and love forever
he sees between the cracks
as half a century later
he peels the layers back




Cocaine Jesus said...

bloody excellent mate.

Perfect Virgo said...

JJ - the past can very nearly stifle us if we let it. I think I have changed my indoctrinated outlook.

CJ - bloody thanks mate. I could have stretched this out but decided the shorter statment was more effective...

just sayin' said...

YES, bloody excellant.

I GET totally overwhelmed sometimes by all that is going on around me (my life is so strange at the moment).

But I look up and see my soon-to-be three-year-old son strip stark naked running around the backyard having a ball. Life really is that simple.

Perfect Virgo said...

Morgan - thanks for reading, yes life can be overwhelming but it only takes a glance at a child having fun to remind us of perspective.

finnegan said...

In lieu of all that you've poured out in this emotional space, this one reads like an personal anthem.

You moved me deeply with this my good man.

Perfect Virgo said...

Finn - thanks! It could be a requiem for lost youth but I prefer to think of it as heralding the renaissance of love and life!

Grace said...


Perfect Virgo said...

Grace - religion can really spoil a childhood... Thankfully I'm over it now and making my own rules.

V said...

Very effective indeed. Beautiful words.

gulnaz said...

that is growth, so beautifully written about.

Perfect Virgo said...

V - all about finding out what your own rules are and where you fit in I think.

Gulnaz - yes growth and maturity. I'm still growing even at my severely advanced age!

The Flea said...

All I can say is: keep on peeling. Maybe life is just a stubborn fruit . . . maybe we'll reach the juicy part sooner or later! Unless the juice is hiding between the layers.

Perfect Virgo said...

Flea - or maybe it's an onion with layers that reduce you to tears as you unpeel each one?