14 August 2005

Tagged by Grace and JJ

Thank you guys! These games are interesting, they always force you to think hard about yourself.

10 Years Ago:I was just two year into sobriety and still angry and bad tempered. I let my irritation show to anyone foolhardy enough to come near. I told my employer to stick the job they wanted me to do and opted instead to slide down the corporate ladder to a tedious administrative role requiring little thought and no concentration. I played mind-numbing games on a Commodore Amiga 1200 and read Stephen King. I fended off all advances for friendship, both female and male. I drove a ten-year-old Ford Sierra and watched a 20 inch TV.

5 Years Ago:I went to the French Alps on holiday. Everyone now knew why I drank Diet Coke. Graduated to a five-year-old Ford Mondeo and a 36 inch widescreen TV. By now I knew my working days were numbered, I just hoped to get as close to fifty as I could before getting paid off.

1 Year Ago:I flew to Florida with my wife and younger son for two lazy weeks in a villa on the Gulf Coast. As soon as we returned I went into hospital for surgery on my right elbow to relieve tendonitis. For the first time in my life I wore a plaster cast. The same month I had two teeth pulled and three more root-canal filled. I shaved my head nearly to the bone.

I booked tickets online to see new punk trio “The Subways” at The old Fire Station in Bournemouth. I visited in-laws out of a sense of duty. As a reward I started researching a new digital Canon with seven mega pixels. I spoke to a stranger I’ve known all my life.

Tomorrow:I will drive to work with the windows rolled down listening to “Can You Touch Me” by The Film. It’s the music from the TV commercial for the Peugeot 406 – I finally tracked down the single. I will browse the new release racks at HMV and sit in my favourite park with sandwiches at lunchtime.

Snacks I enjoy:1. choc chip cookies
2. peanuts
3. brazil nuts
4. any and all chocolate
5. extra strong mints

Bands That I Know the Lyrics to Most of Their Songs:
1. Radiohead
2. Pink Floyd
3. Cheap Trick
4. REM
5. Blondie

Things I Would Do with $100,000,000:1. acquire an Island in the Ocean
2. build a small but perfectly formed home
3. throw a giant party
4. keep back enough to survive
5. give the rest to childrens charities

Locations I Would Like to Run Away to:1. Palmyra Atoll
2. Easter Island
3. Dark Side of the Moon
4. anywhere remote
5. the past

Habits I Have:1. not listening
2. apologising
3. swearing
4. looking back
5. worrying

Things I Like Doing:1. riding my Yamaha
2. driving my Ford
3. swimming in the ocean
4. walking along the seashore
5. walking in the forest

Things I would Never Wear:1. raincoat
2. hat
3. cardigan
4. white trousers
5. earring

TV Shows I Like(d):1. Edge of Darkness
2. The Singing Detective
3. When the Boat Comes in
4. Cold Case Files (US)
5. Unsolved Mysteries (US)

Movies I Like:1. The Exorcist
2. Jaws
3. Alien
4. American Graffiti
5. Donnie Darko

Famous People I would Like to Meet:1. Arthur C Clarke
2. John McEnroe
3. Jonathan Miller
4. Dave Gilmour
5. Patrick Moore

Biggest Joys at the Moment:1. talking and listening
2. sharing
3. writing
4. diet coke
5. five more pay cheques until redundancy

Favourite toys:1. grey alien
2. voice recognition software
3. camera
4. dimmer switches
5. volume control

There doesn't seem anyone left to tag... Except Finnegan or Flea what do you say guys?


The Flea said...

That was like looking into your life through a keyhole PV. I have no idea what tagging is, but it sounds like a good idea.


Talk about honesty! Thanks for doing it PV. Stephen King....I have only been able to read one of his books "The Stand" and I just can't seem to get into any others. But I simply adore Dean Koontz. I have read every single one of his books.

Grace said...

A great list, thanks for playing! There are a few you could tag, I left out Fin thinking you might tag him.

finnegan said...

Tag? In German it means: "day". I guess that's what it amounts to in the end. A day, that day, this day....any day past, present and future.

As a child, it meant running around saying: "You're it"!

I guess the meaning in blogville could be construed as the same.

Perfect Virgo said...

Flea - good analogy. If you came right in and saw the lot you'd probably scarper!

JJ - I was pleased to play and glad you did too. Might as well be honest hadn't we... I liked The Stand as well, I used to read King but your tastes change and I think he sucks now. I've read some Dean Koontz - more believable I think.

Grace - I could couldn't I, do you think he'd mind?

Finn - "you're it" is spot on. We all did that as youngsters. I learnt German at school and considered that connection too...

Grace said...

I think Fin might? I also think The Flea might judging from his comment? I try to tagg people with slightly diverse blogrolls than my own, so they tag others etc, etc!! Its quite a good way of finding out a bit about people and what habits you have in common with them lol! I hadnt realised so many of my blogroll were smokers, I thought I was the only one with that habit!

Perfect Virgo said...

Grace - quick thinking, I'll ask the boys to join in. Light up and sit back...

Jen said...

No white trousers, eh? Damn.

dAAve said...

Enjoyed reading your list PV.

Locations ...
"Dark Side of the Moon" -- what a GREAT answer!!

Perfect Virgo said...

Jen - well a guy's got to have some standards!

HP - conjures up images of 1970s gatefold album sleeves too...

I'm warming to these games you know.

gulnaz said...

that was quite an insight into you, know you a little better now. :)

The Flea said...

PV -- I'm not sure if I would scarper at all. My friends call me "The Observer" for good reason. I would just sit back and watch you in utter fascination . . . or at least until you started cataloguing the different shades of your navel lint.

Perfect Virgo said...

Gulnaz - even these quizzes reveal more than we think. I feel I'm on show...

Flea - oh you'd love watching me cataloguing and listing! In fact in a recent picture I damn near photographed my navel! I too ama people watcher, it's fascinating what behaviour can say about a person.

finnegan said...

I initially said "no" to P.V. about the tag idea, then recanted and shuffled together a jumble o' junk about myself, only to be sabotaged by Blogger and my cat.

A low-budget ending to a cut-rate tag.

Patry Francis said...

Things I learned about you from reading this:

1. You are fearlessly honest with yourself and others.
2. You are comfortable with who you are and have no need to pretend to be otherwise.
3. Sometimes you are a little too hard on yourself. (like all Virgos?) All the habits you listed seemed to be a form of self-criticism.
4. You have a lot of cool tunes playing in your head at all times.
5. The most interesting part of your life is just beginning (IMHO, of course.)

Perfect Virgo said...

Finn - so blogger made mincemeat of your revelations? Try again, persevere...

Patry - a comment in the style of the original post, I like it! Yours is a fascinating response which confirms my own opinions of myself. All 5 points are highly accurate and you are very perceptive to home in on them.

Impossibly demanding of everyone and hardest of all on myself is probably my worst trait. As to point 5, your opinion is far from humble, IMHO!! Music is the soundtrack to my life...

Thanks Patry.

finnegan said...

Well the tag's been "answered" at this separate blogspot http://finnutts.blogspot.com/

I'll finish putting more links to the nutter-fluff and link it too Waking Finnegan as soon as I wake up.


Pat said...

Oh Lord!! We both love Cheap Trick? I've seen them like 8 times and have Robin Zander's autograph on a CD, I also know most words to Blondie songs.

How strange to have a UK Cheap trick fan. Good taste. What's your favorite?

Steven King and I have the same birthday and i am working on a book but stuck on the opening. care to read it?

Perfect Virgo said...

Pat - CT don't play the UK very often. I saw them in London last year but the sound was poor - swamped with bass. I am hoping they play a different venue next time.

Favourite album is "Heaven Tonight," but favourite track is "Oh Candy" from the first album. Blondie are still superb, I am seeing them in December in Bournemouth!

I'd love to read the opening to your novel Pat. Feel free to use the Hotmail adress in my sidebar. I may struggle to read a whole novel but I'll gladly have a go at your first chapter if that's where your need is.