23 April 2005


We are having a new bathroom. I have spent the last three months planning and ordering bits. All the necessary ingredients have now been delivered and a fitter is arriving in May to get on with it.

It should be a time of excitement. Trouble is I can't help with much of the work and that pisses me off big time. Some of you know that RSI means I have to talk to my PC so DIY can only involve light duties. In the past I would have got stuck into all of this but nowadays I have to pay someone else. My sons have stripped all the old tiles, wallpaper and flooring for me.

I guess I'll be pleased with the end result and when the work is complete I'll put up a picture.


Jane said...

The end result is beautiful, clean, and simple. It is everything a bathroom should be. I would let you design my home! (And I don't even trust the "experts").

Perfect Virgo said...

That's a big, big acknowledgement. I will hunt out my drawing board and pencil! White is clean and bright and allows for the use of a single sparingly-used bold colour perhaps for balance.