02 April 2005

Canaveral National Seashore

I drove alone to the Atlantic coast of Florida today. Mrs Virgo needed to stay close to the ladies' room all day (got the painters in) and I was very happy with my own company anyway. Cape Canaveral is a wild, remote place and you can quite see why NASA chose it to launch rockets from.

I drove from Titusville northwards and stopped at several walking trails. The place was deserted - no one here seems interested in walking! I saw flamingos, great blue herons and bald eagles. In a quiet lagoon I spotted ten or twelve manatees. They were rolling over slowly in the warm shallow water and surfacing occasionally to breath. I always knew they were around here but I've not seen them in the wild before.

Unfortunately I took a wrong turn on Merritt Island and found myself at a NASA badge-holders only checkpoint!! When the NASA security man says "Step out of the car, sir," he really means it. Oh, and he has a gun to prove the point! Actually he was cool about it and gave me directions to the Merritt Island Nature Reserve Visitors Centre (after admiring my amazing blue Oakley Straightjackets!)

The new hotel is nice and quiet, well away from the road. Comfortable and clean and as much breakfast as you can force down! I even used the complimentary gym last night! My heart-rate reached one hundred and forty per minute after a session on the treadmill and exercise bike.

I am wondering if I will need to buy a second suitcase to take home all the shopping? Four pairs of Levis a pair of Reeboks and several T-shirts take up rather a lot of space. Anyway, Mrs virgo is currently buying a pair of Sketchers and I'm supposed to be in a Barnes and Noble looking for maps so I can't hang around long! What a good job I remembered to print off my secret list of user names and passwords! If I find another cafe elsewhere I'll try to check in again.


doughgirl said...

Like a kid in a candy store..lol, you and your list of passwords :)
I think just having them is cheering you up!!

Walking on the beach, yes! Thats it. It's what I think Ive been thinking of the past couple of weeks.

The winter time for me is getting things done, hurrying about, cleaning, blah blah blah...and I do love the snow

Summer however, is relaxation time. The kids and I head to the beach bright and early every morning to claim out spot.

We walk the entire beach first thing to see what the tide from the ngiht before has left for us to find, then we claim our spot close enough to the water to make tons of sandcastles with moats and as the tide comes in near then end of the day, its our que' to pack up and go home before getting burned to death, bathe , nap and prepare for another day :)


beth said...

Oy, our floundering dollar must be treating you so well...

yours truly said...

Oh, you got to see manatees!! SUCH a lucky guy, you are!

Grace said...

I just read your comment on Doughirls site PV and this leapt out a tme "Being happy is one of the things I lost the will to do a very long time ago."...Maybe thats what happened to me. I always thought that I would just 'be' happy, but maybe I need to 'relearn' it as you say. Hmm, one to ponder! Sounds like you'll have some fantastic pics for your photo blog?

Marjory said...

PV, I might have guessed you'd find your way online you little rascal you. I've been off line for a while and just realized. Enjoy the wildlife, soak up the quiet spots and HANG LOOSE!

Perfect Virgo said...

Doughgirl - I printed my password list at the last minute and shoved it in my back pocket. What a good job I did! I forgot to bring my e-mail address book but hell I can't remember everything. Having this connection really has cheered me up.

I love beach walking too. Thankfully we don't have to worry about the kids any more because they're adults now and can look after their own sandcastles and sunburn!

CC - Not only is the dollar rate great for us, the prices are amazing. For example we stayed in a La Quinta hotel for $75 last night in Montgomery AL, in the UK that would have been $200. I'll post more about the differences and similarities when I'm home.

YT - I know I'm lucky, those rascals are normally so elusive. I saw them in Seaworld a couple of years ago but nothing beats in the wild.

They are very calming to watch, just what I needed. They all had chunks out of their tails - boat propellors I guess.

Grace - I tried to post on you but Blogger was acting up. Glad you read the other comment. It's a strange thing, trying hard to be happy. It should come naturally but it doesn't always. I wondered if you might relate to that.

I have quite a few photos. I'll sift through them and put up the best when I get the time next week. Meantime I'll see what I see and keep snapping away!

Reeves - Did you really think I would stay silent for long!! I hope you are feeling chipper and the creative juices are flowing. I'm hanging loose man!