07 April 2005

Nashville Tennessee

Have to be really quick they only gave me thirty minutes in this library and I've used twenty already! Been to the Country Music Hall of Fame, bit of a rip-off really. Nice walk around downtown with the camera. Bought loads of tacky souvenirs. Off to check out some of Superfly's recommended blues bars this afternoon.

Traffic was grim this morning. Stuck behind an accident and it was raining. I missed our exit so threw away my driving notes and had to chance it. Still we made it OK and I only used mild to moderate profanities!. A quiet day back in Chattanooga tomorrow, the only plan is a walk on Lookout Mountain.

May not get another chance to post before we go home so thanks for stopping by and see you all Sunday.


Grace said...

Look forward to seeing your pics PV. Safe journey back for you and Mrs V :-)

4005 N 24th said...

I am really enjoying your travelog. I am currently reading a fantastic book. It is the story of the group Badfinger. I saw them years ago when they were the Iveys playing Ireland. The force was Pete Ham (from Swansea) with Tom Evans a strong second. You will enjoy this book. Pete was very right brained.....super sensitive and a truly wonderful human being. He exited our earthly space thirty years ago this month. What a loss.

Have you ever been to Graceland? I have not but I wonder if you would recommend it.

Denis in Tacoma, WA.

Perfect Virgo said...

Grace - Home! Unpacked all my souvenirs and am about to slide into a bath. Hope to sort the pictures out in the next day or so. Watch this space (and/or the other space!) Thanks for closing the curtains, I knew I could rely on you.

Denis - The book on Badfinger sounds interesting. I've heard the name although I am not familiar with the music.

Sadly we ran out of time so Memphis waits for another year. Glad you enjoyed the diary, there is more detail to come in the next few days...