06 April 2005

Chattanooga Choo Choo

Yesterday we drove on deserted county roads from Montgomery AL to Chattanooga TN. Took six hours instead of four but we got to see some amazing things. What a beautiful state. You know the classic TV portrayal of run-down gas staions with a beaten up coke dispenser, a dog and one gas pump? Well we saw them by the load! Needless to say I wouldn't stop for gas!! (I'm not stupid, I've seen films like "Wrong Turn" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre!" Much more on those experiences later when I return.

We slept in a Days Inn in Tiftonia just outside Chattanooga last night and this morning we drove into town. We jumped on a free electric trolley and four stops later I grabbed Mrs Virgo and said "We're jumping off at the Library!!" She has gone wandering and I'm sitting in front of a PC with free internet access. I guess when I'm done here we will have to go and see that ridiculous train for which the town is famous!

Tomorrow we plan to go to Nashville TN, it is roughly two hours drive away. I'll try and seek out some blues joints (I'm not a country fan!) for live entertainment. I believe Gibson have a guitar factory there so we might pop in there and see them being made. This car guzzles gas at nineteen miles per gallon so I'm filling up almost every day! It holds about fifteen gallons which costs thirty dollars (about sixteen pounds sterling, that would cost nearly fifty pounds sterling in the UK)

The weather has cooled from 85F in Florida to 75F in Alabama and now 70F here in Tennessee. Hope you guys in the UK have got your woolly jumpers on!


beth said...

You're not going to Graceland, are you? I'd want some pictures if you were.

GoddessAradia said...

From the UK to Nashville? What a downslide! Sorry, but I've lived in Nashville for 20 years, so it's become a little dull. In any case I thought I might offer help if you need it at all while in the area. I would also like to suggest that you visit the Parthenon and the Frist Art Center if you have time. The Parthenon especially is a wonderful place to take a picnic and enjoy a beautiful day outside. In any case, I would be happy to help you if I can. I hope your trip goes well!


Perfect Virgo said...

CC - my time in this library is fast running out so just a quick note to say no about Graceland, I don't think we'll have time. I'll have plenty of other pictures though!

Sarah - thanks for dropping by! This is our 4th holiday to the States but my first time in Tennessee. I'll take your advice about the Parthenon. We go to Nashville on April 7th but fly back in the UK on 10th. So much to do, so little time! And my library guest card is just about to run out...

superflywebpimp said...

also, you may want to check out BB king's blues bar on historic second avenue and take a stroll down printer's alley to the bourbon street blues bar. both offer great live blues shows. they are all within walking distance of the places i gave you in my email. the wild horse saloon might be a stop also.

doughgirl said...

WHATTTTT???? No Graceland, No King of Rock n Roll....such a travesty..:(

Boy oh boy Virgo, sounds like you are having such a great time..I can see a glimpse of a smile on your face...yippee!!! You did it, you're having fun :)

Thanks for keeping us updated, cant hardly wait for the next one !!

Jen said...

The thing about Tennessee is all the Cracker Barrells. Cracker Barrells. EVERY. WHERE. For that salty smothered southern food that makes you kinda sick. But I do recommend the hush puppies. :-D Oh, and the warm apple cobbler thingie. Order that one first. ;-)

Jen said...
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Perfect Virgo said...

Superfly - thanks for the advice. We just went into the "Legends Corner" bar and watched a guy who was halfway between a sad old cowboy and a faker. He was pretty good actually.

We have followed your suggestions and are having a great time. I'm in the Library right now taking a breather!

Doughgirl - I have smiled once or twice recently so I guess I'm chilling out!

Jen - you obviously know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! Problem is I'm vegetarian!! The 'warm apple cobbler thingie' sounds nice though, think I'll order two!