16 February 2005


Gibson Les Paul Standard & Marshall MG100DFX


Grace said...

This picture is wicked, what a great guitar (though thats coming from a drummer!!) Are you in a band? Music has always been a big part of my life until recently. I think that shows I'm depressed!! My son is in a band so theres plenty of his his music round here though!

Perfect Virgo said...

I just tinker to amuse myself. It helps me fathom songs from the composer's viewpoint and of course it's not a bad ornament to have! As a boy I played a lot with friends on cheap guitars. Sadly the grip of addiction and depression wrenched even music away from me for so long.

One of the benefits of the wagon is spare cash! So I treated myself to this a couple of years ago. Bit of a luxury I know, more than my parents first house! But it does play beautifully.

Thanks for posting, its nice to no someone is reading.

Perfect Virgo said...

There's another picture in the earliest archives called 'weapon of choice.' The goldtop is the neatest Les Paul finish in my humble opinion.