25 February 2005

Sunrise at low tide

Hands thrust into my jacket pockets against the biting cold as I walked the pier this morning at 8:00 am. My face was stiff and my eyes watering. Pulling out the camera momentarily for this cloudless sky my hands went numb. The Old 97's were on my mp3 player right then crying in my ears, "They're Tearing the Buick City Complex Down..." See you can listen to whatever you want, wherever you want.

On the ferry I made a mental note of a dozen beautifully cryptic blog post titles but by the time I reached work I had forgotten them. During the day I composed another dozen and wrote those down.


Grace said...

What a beautiful photo PV, but I thought it was sunset! Just shows you where my head is! I look forward to the cryptic titles. I spend ages trying to think of clever ones but nothing comes!

Perfect Virgo said...

It's looking southeast Grace, across Southampton Water on my way to work. Very rare to have such clear air right down to the horizon. Probably why it was so cold!

Don't worry you're doing great for titles. Unless I write things down I've had it, they're gone. So I've been compiling a list of prospects then if I am stuck for inspiration they can help.

Anonymous said...

A ferry ride to work every morning? Was it a passenger ferry, or did you drive aboard?

Perfect Virgo said...

Passengers and bicycles only. Maximum 150 souls. We ploughed slowly through the choppy water to work each day. "How did you get to work today?" - I came by boat! Has a nice ring to it!