20 February 2005

Is there anybody out there...

Well I’m bowled over. After three months shouting from the rooftops to an empty world, I hear echoes and the response is rather humbling. You keep hearing that comments provoke more comments so I am glad I stopped lurking on others' blogs in silence.

Of course there may be a more mundane reason for this ripple of interest, a few casual keystrokes and my template faded from black to grey. That seemed to be the turning point anyway and it isn’t even my favourite colour! (Feeble warnings that ‘if you break your template we won’t help you fix it’ are a pointless defence against the curious.)

Thank you all so much for commenting, I believe I have now left comments with all of you. Grace, good luck unravelling the image knots and keep a lookout for number coincidences. Yes it sure was spooky!


Grace said...

I know its a nice way to meet folk. Leave a comment and they pop in and see you! Quite civilized! And take a look at my blog now, got the image knot unravelled nicely! Thankyou

Grace said...

I left another comment on my blog, this is complicated!! Should be a Gmail address image in right siderbar?