02 March 2005

Blooming gorse

New Forest ponies in the road are a common sight at Beaulieu. You just stop the car until they wander away and they won't be hurried! Last weekend's walk took me to Hatchet Moor where the new gorse was blooming. The vivid yellow attracts ponies, donkeys and cows all of which eat it. Quite alarming, as it must be as comfortable as chewing upholstery needles! However the cattle do have lips and tongues like leather.

There are 140 square miles of ancient forest and heathland just five minutes drive west of my house. I know I'm lucky but it's so close you take it for granted. I've lived in the county of Hampshire all my life so have walked this countryside a lot yet still I'm finding new parts to explore. It's a fantastic escape as you can walk for miles and not see a glimpse of civilisation.

'Hello' Picture Sharing seems to have sprung back to life so images are on the menu again. I couldn't see a monthly limit Grace, so call it a glitch. There that's a bit brighter today isn't it!


RuKsaK said...

Never thought a yellow flower would make me homesick, but you've suceeded there.

Perfect Virgo said...

English disease isn't it, first you get sick of home then homesick. Matter of fact I was just tweaking the wording when you commented.

Grace said...

Lovely and bright. The rich yellow and blue sky are beautiful. You know I had some lovely comments about my new template colours, 'icey and sweet' Faith said. I thought I might change the colours with the seasons. I might nick the colours from that top photo when the warm sun makes more of an appearance, if you dont mind?

Mere Existence said...

You really make me hate the city.

Perfect Virgo said...

Please help yourself Grace but quickly before it fades! Yellow and blue are so complimentary aren't they, I love red and green too.

Seasonal templates, now that sounds great, I can't wait for Spring. Will the words turn orange in autumn and drop off?

ME - The grass is always greener they say. Meat and poison, treasure and trash. I love my visits to our own big city probably because of the contrast with home.

yours truly said...

Oh how pretty! And how spring-like compared to this bowl of snow we're having over here - - -

beth said...

Is that... where you live? You live somewhere where you can walk and see ponies and yellow flowers?

My goodness.

Jen said...

Lips and tongues like leather.

I hope to god I never meet a lover with those particular attributes!

Beautiful, bright, happy photos.

Flickr is good for photosharing, too, especially if you have your own photography.

Perfect Virgo said...

YT - spring comes early round our way. I don't like the white stuff much, please keep it. Thanks for commenting, I fear you may find this neck of the woods a little tame! But please come back.

CC - oh, most days we're knee-deep in blossom and ponies. A darn nuisance I can tell you!

Jen - yeah what was I thinking of! Leather, ugh! You must be psychic, I just signed up with Flickr as an alternative. Yesterday's pic of my guitar was the first upload. I have my camera with me most of the time and take heaps of photos.