01 March 2005

Check your lottery ticket shadowman

A clumsy oaf walks through doors that are not fully open, bangs his head and cracks his knee. He sometimes breaks beautiful new things and in short is better not trusted with anything fragile. Last December while surfing for Christmas presents he tripped over Blogger. Curious at his discovery he turned round and inspected it, sniffed it, held its to his ear and shook it. Mmm, this deserved further investigation...

He hit the next blog button one hundred times, read and marvelled. Now here was an outlet he might explore. Perseverance uncovered sparkling gems, like-minded people such as he missed in real life. Creativity awoke as if from a coma and roused its companions, inspiration and imagination. He peered into the abyss of his mind and saw words dripping in love and compassion, welling up from the deep and tumbling onto the page.

Cautiously from the shadows he speaks to others now and they reply. He wants to talk about love and addiction and sadness and sometimes joy. He shares pictures and words with new friends he thinks will appreciate them. Writers, thinkers, painters, pipers I thank you all. I'm taking good care of this fragile discovery.

I’ve emerged a lucky man so I’m checking my lottery ticket. A giant heron is flapping lazily over my garden, head down looking for lunch. Life goes on.

“I got plans and dreams and hopeful schemes enough to make you cry
I’m just waiting for that single perfect point in time to give them all a try”
Slobberbone – Lazy Guy


doughgirl said...

I've been reading your blog for a short time now and I love how you express the things you see, feel and think.
Your way with words truly is amazing as well as inspiring. If you dont mind I would like to link you to my blog as I look forward to reading so much more..

Perfect Virgo said...

I don't mind Doughgirl, I'm very grateful for your support. I have visited you recently too and was very moved by your circumstances. I wanted to learn more before speaking up.

I have been thinking with a clear head for eleven years but have not voiced my thoughts publicly until now. It's a real release for me.

Jen said...

I saw without a doubt that blogging is one of the best things that's happened to me. I had no idea what a blog even WAS in June and I decided to start one just as an outlet for my writing and thoughts. I had no idea how it would really change my life. The people I have met (over the internet and in person), the friends I have made, the love I have found, the family aspects of this online community. I read back through my archives and see the ways I have matured. I watch my writing develop. Every single day I am stunned by the vivid truths expressed in other blogs and I keep those like rare jewels. I find myself growing confident, I find support when I need it most, I find like-minded people, I find those willing to step on my toes a bit, too. Blogging to me is like holding up a mirror to my life and liking the reflection mirrored back by my commenters.

Perfect Virgo said...

Do you find it a bit humbling too Jen? The responses have overhelmed me, I had no idea my thoughts would remotely interest another soul.

Friendship, discovery, development and maturity are a huge reward.

RuKsaK said...

Know the feeling. Having to take a step back from blogging for a while and finding it's a brain operation.

Grace said...

As always PV, a perfect description of the discovery of your new toy! I have found great comfort since joining the online community. Its a place to be me and let the walls of protection crumble.

Perfect Virgo said...

Well said Grace, there's no pretence here is there.

Perfect Virgo said...

I'm still going to check you out Ruk. Keep us supplied with at least a dribble of words, please.

superflywebpimp said...

thoughts emerged from a darkened office over a quiet morning coffee, can turn the tide of a sleeping world.

"all things are connected, wether near or far, that thou canst not stir a flower, without the troubling of a star."

Jen said...

I find it very humbling! I am not one who is used to having people take an interest in her life. I am always surprised people keep coming to my blog.

Perfect Virgo said...

What a powerful quotation sfwp. You just sent a genuine shiver down my spine. I'm not working today so I have plenty of time for coffee and inspiration.

These responses are an immense stimulus for me. There are so many thoughts I plan to share. Look what you've done, I'm so excited now I'm writing three new pieces simultaneously. Flitting between verse, prose and journal.

I need to try to hold back the tide, control the flow.

Jen, I am fascinated by your emotions and the words you choose to express them. If that makes your life sound interesting then it must be interesting. We spoke before about discovering like-minded souls. You know when you've found one.