25 March 2005

Taking it easy for 2 weeks



Last time I will be walking this pier and boarding this boat for 2 weeks. I fear I will feel like I have lost a limb as I limp around on holiday outside the blog world.

To all my kind readers, I want you to know I will be absent from the Information Superhighway until 11th April 2005. As I expect you know I am flying the Atlantic in a Boeing to take a road trip through some Southern States.

Work has been particularly hard this year. The churning relentlessness of aggressive change for its own sake is not conducive to a relaxed state of mind. So you see I am really ready for a complete break. I hope I can wind down enough to enjoy the experience. I suspect Mrs virgo will as usual have to endure a few days of tetchy irritability and over-reaction before calm settles.

We arrive in Atlanta GA on Sunday 27th March, slither into an unfamiliar car and head off on a long, roughly oval route for two weeks. These are the stopping off points where I have pre booked hotels for one or more days:
Macon GA
Sanford FL
Tallahassee FL
Montgomery AL
Chattanooga TN
Stone Mountain GA

The longest stop is four days at Sanford. We have visited the Orlando theme parks a couple of times recently and although I want to be close to the that large centre of activity for shopping etc, I think this is better positioned for trips to the Atlantic Coast. For example I'm looking forward to exploring Merritt Island and other nature reserves.

I will have my Canon to record the view and who knows, there may even be something interesting enough to post here. Our two boys in their twenties are being left in charge of the house. I am hoping it will still be standing when we return...

"Mommy’s alright, Daddy’s alright
They just seem a little weird"

Cheap Trick – Surrender


Grace said...

Learning to fly?...Have a great time, we'll miss you. Grace xxx

doughgirl said...

I knew this day would come Perfect, just not so soon..lol. We will miss you greatly. 2 weeks of nothing, no words to ponder the meaning, no pictures to take us where the story leads..ugh! This is disasterous :(
Have a great Holiday :)

Marjory said...

Boy does this guy deserve this holiday! Go away and contemplate, I know you will regenerate and return even more venerate!

yours truly said...

Hope you have happy happy holidays!!

Perfect Virgo said...

Grace - what a poignant lyric. Keep flying Grace I'm hoping for great things from you when I return!

Doughgirl - There are a fair few words and pictures lying around in the archives if you get really bored. Keep up your spirited recovery my girl, I'll be reading your back posts in a couple of weeks time.

Reeves - this man needs to step off the world and let it revolve without him for a while. Regeneration is part of my battle plan but I will of course have a notepad and pen at my elbow to jot down thoughts and ideas. I anticipate a fertile period coming up!

Yours Truly - thanks for your kind patronage of this humble neck of the woods. I will miss your stories of life and love and snow but be sure I will catch up!

recoveryroad said...

Have a great trip. I'm sure you're gonna have a great time and be fine...

...is your house insured? Ha, ha, ha.


Only kidding. Have a good one!

beth said...

Have fun! Be safe! As an American I'm still puzzling over why you're visiting the South... but... I'm sure you'll have a great time :)

Perfect Virgo said...

Roots - I'll try and unwind enough to enjoy! The house and contents are insured to the hilt and the boys have been warned! My nieghbours across the road are on 'party-watch!'

CC - do I detect a touch of North versus South?! Well we have that here too, our north and south are only a few miles apart but we still speak different languages!

We love the warmth and relaxed air of the Southern States but I hear you say 'that's not real America.' No problem, we plan to go again and explore other parts. For example there are 4-day breaks to NYC from Bournemouth (30 miles from me) at £600.

beth said...

Oh I definitely think it's real America - Actually NYC is nothing like the rest of the country. I'm just bitter about the recent elections. You're visiting all the "Red states."(Sorry to be slightly political!)

Perfect Virgo said...

CC - Ah! I understand now. Well as an outsider I don't have an opinion on American politics (I have a hard enough time getting worked up about our own!) so we'll just enjoy the views, weather and lifestyle.

Feel free to get political, I think it's great when someone actually takes an interest and forms an opinion. Turnout here is laughable, especially among the younger.

We find the US campaign TV commercials at local and state level hilarious. They are so negative and adversarial! To us outsiders it seems you would be tempted to vote for the one who is least rude about the others!!

Jen said...


If you must, you must. I will miss you! Safe travels to you and Mrs. Virgo.

It could be worse...it could be...OKLAHOMA! Yahoooooooooo! :-O

Perfect Virgo said...

Jen - we will indeed travel safely, thanks as always for your kind wishes (love the face!) Oklahoma is still on my longer term list you know!

Mere Existence said...

You can post from libraries on your trip.... no excuses.

Perfect Virgo said...

ME - Yes I can, I have and I probably will again!